Pradip Acharjee's Videos (10)

  • Globalization


    There are completely two different men; everyday like of their motion, ability of expression which… Pradip Acharjee May 16, 2016 12 views

  • A naughty child

    A naughty child

    A child. He doesn’t want to study now, he wants to play. But he has to read a book with the pressur… Pradip Acharjee May 16, 2016 13 views

  • Ideology & Unity

    Ideology & Unity

    The name of Titumir, Surjho Sen Rafique, Salam……… are the heroes of the Independent Bangladesh. Tit… Pradip Acharjee May 16, 2016 9 views

  • The Country

    The Country

    Many children won’t know about history of our country unless an adult takes the step to teach them.… Pradip Acharjee Jul 17, 2015 8 views

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