As a mature dancer, I examine the very personal issues of my own physicality and ageing. The confrontation of my bodily reflection serves as a reminder that physically I am no longer the preferred younger dancer but own an alternative ‘other’ body. Aesthetically, this is a challenge to display through film what Nananko Nakajima describes as ‘dancing beauty can be old”.

To capture these dance moments through digital camera SLR is the investigation into exhibiting the kinesiology of the mature dancer in motion. It is also an opportunity to angle the lens, directing the gaze to observe an aesthetically different body through film, in this instance, my own. This singular perspective highlights the physical variance of myself as an older experienced performer. Louppe discusses the dancers body as ‘corporeal architecture’ forming/transforming the space.
Through my interdisciplinary residency I was fortunate to collaborate with residency artist Fabiola Carranza, who provided the in-depth close-up imagery which added greater intimacy and the corporeal landscape I was missing.
The soundtrack for utterly (in)appropriate was composed by Ólafur Arnalds and reproduced with his kind permission.

Loftið Verður Skyndilega Kalt (The Air Suddenly Goes Cold)

Written and performed by Ólafur Arnalds 
Published by Kobalt Music Publishing
Courtesy Of Erased Tapes Records

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