Sall: Performance Piece at Mørke Dage Post Event Aarhus 2016

Darkness. Blackness. Womanhood. Manhood. Child-hood.
I got to discover another facet, a more natural facet of the unknown, the obscure, of the dark with Sall. My beloved Sall. She showed me how not to fear it (the dark), how to co-exist in its force, how to dwell in its bed, how to kiss its indigo nights, how to see myself in that mirror, how to lose myself in pain and return more alive, how to embody the sorrow in and out and the madness. Madness. That I comprehend barefoot in the forest where insanity came aligned with rain drops, the green of the leaves, the brown of the dry moss. I shouted in the ocean expunging all the anger I had in my throat keeping me from voicing. I shouted again crying all the rage out celebrating in the ocean, hoping that the birds will understand my song.

This interactive performance seeks to initiate the audience into exploring artistic expressions relating darkness, surrealism, imaginary universes, the relation between machine and human being, human emotions and reactions, human madness, embodied pain and meltdown.

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