Respiração | 2015 | Rebecca Moradalizadeh & Daniel Pinheiro

RESPIRAÇÃO (BREATH) the natural, invisible, process for life maintainance.

"The act of 'breathing' is the first independent action of the new born"
"Breathing occurs naturally, non-stop, day and night"

RESPIRAÇÃO | 2015 - video installation / performance - 9'

Respiração is a reflection on the act of breathing itself. How it can be materialized.
It's an act, inherent to the human body, that happens without being seen or impossible to be grasped, as an involuntary act it exists at the uncounsious level of the human being.
This work is a dialogue between Rebecca Moradalizadeh and Daniel Pinheiro, in the format of a live video installation where both study possible ways of giving form to its presence, through matter, textures and movement.


Concept: Rebecca Moradalizadeh
in collaboration with: Daniel Pinheiro
Comissioned by SHAIR*
for EMERGING ART NOW (Curated by SHAIR) - Portugal - Espaço Mira, Porto, Portugal - February 2015


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