'Hikikomori' is a term used for the ones that withdraw from society and families, that lock themselves inside their rooms ranging from 6months to decades in Japan. This phenomena started from the 1980s, where there was a change in society in lifestyle with the influence from the Western consumption culture, merging with the complex relationship between the social pressure and the shame culture. Nowadays abundance of online and virtual communication is spreading this phenomena through countries such as United States, Italy, France, China, South Korea, and more.

This video visualize the transition of the emotional state of Hikikomori, struggling to get out of their own space and seeking for authentic human relationship again.

The choreography is inspired from Jung's psychology of the 'inner shadow' we all have within us.

"How can I be substantial without casting a Shadow?
I must have a dark side too if I am to be whole:
and by becoming conscious of my Shadow,
I remember once more that I am a human being like any other."
- Carl Jung, 1931. Quoted from Personality and Personal Growth

Director & Editor: Nao Sakamoto
Choreographer & Dancer: Philemon Mukarno
Music: Floex "Forget Me Not"

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