Misunderstandings 1776-2011 (only the second version)

Adam Smith, the socalled father of Capitalism, re-edited and republished his "Wealth of Nations in 1776, 1778, 1784, 1786, and in 1789. Even after his death, new and clarifying versions kept, and keeps appearing. This is only the second version of a post in the white bear diary; A post about capitalism, it's misunderstandings and about language that cannot express our intentions precisely.


In july 2011, a white bear went to Glasgow, Scotland to study the origin of the free market, and it's first thinker: Adam Smith.

As with any important theory, this theory has undergone plenty of misuse and misinterpretation over the years.

Therefore, This 2nd post in the white bear diaries from Glasgow, deals with the problems of understanding and misunderstanding each others roars and groars - historically and presently.

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