International Schools' Workshop Tour 2018

Gary Friedman is an international film maker, workshop facilitator and puppeteer. He has been sharing his knowledge and skills with students and teachers for the past twenty years. In early 2018, he is launching a new workshop tour in Europe and Asia. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

There is an ever-growing trend across the school system, of students who do not 'fit the mould', with low engagement, poor self esteem as well as learning challenges. More and more teachers are expressing their frustration and despair at not being able to tap into these students' innate abilities, or unleash their academic and personal power and true essence. It is also true that students are experiencing ever increasing stressors at home; with in their peer group and at school. Most students have difficulty articulating their emotions, and grapple with their confusion or frustration. This often manifests in a backlash of behavioural issues, reduced concentration, bullying, lack of engagement or difficulty in learning.

For the past few decades, international master puppeteer and creativity consultant, Gary Friedman has been engaging with students and educators, to unleash the creative power of the students, providing them with a medium to tell their stories and facilitating an environment in which they feel empowered and motivated to share their messages, as well as feel truly special.

His workshops encourage children of all ages to think on their feet; take risks; problem solve and work as a team; developing their lateral thinking skills that shift their creativity to a new dimension. These skills are essential for our youth and future leaders.

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