Human Installation IV: the Jeweler - Il gioielliere

Performance Art by Kyrahm and Julius Kaiser
music Luca D'Alberto

The barter of jewles in exchange for injuring the flesh represents the atavistic theme of the differences of social classes and of the power games associated with gender roles
However, also represents the brutal violence often carried out on women leading to murder
Violence on women does not belong to an era, it has no boundaries, it is endemic and spares no race, no nation, no country, whether industrialized or emerging. Violence on women has no social-cultural limits, victims and aggressors belong to every social class. The greatest danger is often within the family – husbands, fathers, followed by friends, neighbours and work colleagues. According to OMS, one out of every five women, in their life time has been a victim of physical or sexual abuse by a man (Sdamy).
With this performance I’ve tried to shift the attention to the baby: the arguments between the parents, it’s the children who suffer the consequences.
The work is a new of the performance “The Jeweler” (Il gioielliere) pand the baby projected on the tummy is the same video art version of Human Installations.

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