Francesca Fini SKIN / TONES at MACRO Museum in Rome - 09/06/2017

A landscape that always tells a different story, our skin, is scanned with a digital microscope showing details that look like maps of unknown planets. An infinite variety of colors, textures and shapes, patterns and imperfections - sometimes beautifully frightening - are transformed into digital information producing live generative sounds and visuals, in the synergy of the random movement of my hand.

I’m naked in front of two neon lights, backing the audience so that only the outline of my body is visible. I pass a digital microscope all over my body, scanning the different textures of my skin (hair, lips, tongue and so forth).

The custom software created with Isadora, then calculates the average color of each segment of my skin, transforming the data flow into generative live sound and video (the different sounds and samplings blend and mix exactly according to the mix of red, green and blue, that is, the RGB code that is recorded in real-time by the microscope). The visuals projected in front of me are the result of the image coming from the microscope, processed into mesmerizing kaleidoscopic renderings, turning even the smallest imperfection into live art. Scars, wounds, wrinkles and stretch marks become mandala, crystals, jewels.

performed at: University of Rome, MACRO Museum in Rome, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Instants Video Marseilles

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