As a communication process with the young child & youth Theatre-In-Education (TiE) has long been used as a tool in moral education and socialization. TiE is a new dimension of theatrical presentation that mainly concentrates on classroom-based performance and includes all the interactive theatre practices that help support the educational process facilitate by the BITA. BITA is one of the non-government organizations in Bangladesh that initiated development activities through various modes of cultural interventions. Since the early time of inception BITA has been taking significant steps in exploring TiE an educational form for the Children. The TiE proved that as a holistic learning process of two-way-communication between teacher and the children in to the class room, ensured the participation of the student & attendance of cultural interventions. Since the students find hilarity & entertainment in their lessons & they gradually grown up interest in the class room that contribute to creating learning atmosphere in the class room. The TiE process designed by BITA has four major steps: Preparation, Implementation, Show dissemination and post-show Activities through evaluating creative process initiations, questioner & follow up. The TiE performance in the class room took around forty to forty five minutes duration. One or two facilitators, male & female could perform based on the designed. The age group of the children should be 10-16 years old & presented the issues of the contemporary children issues like Climate Change, digester preparedness rights education, curriculum based text dissemination, history & prospect of Bangladesh. Based on the BITA experiences on TiE a resource full team has been working for uplifting the process to contributing into the education system in Bangladesh. BITA endeavors to take the necessary initiatives that would facilitate that acceptance of the model teaching and learning practice in education system of Bangladesh.

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