Sandrine Schaefer + Travis McCoy Fuller + Dima Strakovsky + Zhenesse Staniec Heinemann

Sonic Obscurities at PS122 Saturday

"Sonic Obscurities of the Visible: 3 artists 3 arts"

Friday, February 18
9:00 - 11:00 pm
$5 donation

Travis McCoy Fuller
Tonight, cycles experimentation and obscurities will bind the performances of 3 artists whose work has evolved out of endurance

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Sandrine Schaefer is a Boston-based Artist, Writer, and Curator. She is a co-founder of The Present Tense, an art initiative that produces and archives live art events and exchanges in transient spaces. She has been actively showing her own work and the work of others internationally since 2003.
Sandrine's ephemeral artwork explores cycles of the visible becoming invisible to challenge the body's endurance through duration, actions of transport and units of measure.
She is inspired by accumulative action, site sensitivity, and the promise of collaborative imagination.
Most currently, Sandrine is exloring universal and paranormal language as a way to unlock the secrets of the universe .
Videos of Ms. Schaefer:

Sandrine Schaefer:


Zhenesse Staniec Heinemann has created live performative dioramas and short character driven video art in New York City for the past five years in varied spaces such as chashama, John Connelly Presents, Collective:Unconscious, Interart Annex, and the Scope Art Fair NY. Her interest in live art as representational or interactive social experimentation is reflected in both her solo and collaborative shows as well as in her curatorial work such as the eccentrically queer MEAT! in June 2008, and the 40ºPHI project in 2009.
Her strong belief in the broad communicative ability of live still visual image and minimal gesture and the exploration of subject through durational performance are explored in work that often interrogates the female figure, cultural means of identity formation, the stability of relations between bodies and objects, and engagement between motivated agents of change. Zhenesse holds an M.F.A. in Playwriting from the University of Southern California and an M.A. in Performance Studies from New York University and has been the recipient of a Puffin Grant in 2007 and 2009 (for To Be Titled and the 40PHI: Live Art Expedition respectively), a Scope Grant, and multiple chashama space grants.

Zhenesse Staniec Heinemann::


Travis McCoy Fuller is a visual, sonic and performance artist currently living and practicing in Roma, Italia. He was one of the founders and organizers of the late TEST performance art initiative in Boston, USA and is a member of the Los Angeles based artist collective Obscurities. He has exhibited his work widely throughout the US, Europe and South America. His practice includes, live sound performance, live action performance, video, drawing, murals, printmaking and experimental instrument building.
Travis will be presenting a new performance at Grace Space called either “Which part will go first?” or "The things stars are made of" or "A dash of jackal" or "Another blink from Brahma" or a combination of these titles, or nothing at all.

Travis McCoy Fuller:


My artistic explorations investigate information packaging and branding structures created by economic, political and social forces in the contemporary global marketplace. The function of those structures extends far beyond the production of physical artifacts. In a space where data is abundant and attention is scarce, they produce reductive systems of signifying relationships optimized for speed: red+fun+young=coca-cola, swoosh+athletes+speed=nike, cheap+quick+abundant=wallmart.
The impact of these systems is not merely confined to the economy; a brand is a cultural entity that reshapes communication fundamentally and globally. I recently came across an article that described choice of a car as "a personal brand statement to the world." Houses, clothes, books, music, and yes, even artworks can all be rolled into a brand and presented as a quick, easily-digestible narrative.
My current approach aims to identify, complicate and "slow down" these narratives in order to open a space for introspection and inquiry. Such space is normally absent in our lives due to the speed demands placed on us by information production and processing. One of the goals of my work is to raise a series of questions: what is it that we loose in the process of information optimization, which narratives do we take for granted, why would we want to doubt them in the first place (remember doubt takes time)? It is a game of posing questions and allowing both the audience members and myself to probe the cultural elements which shape our individual perspectives.

Dima Strakovsky:

J-M-Z train to Flushing or Myrtle
& walk 3 blocks east from Flushing,
or 3 blocks west from Myrtle
#840 Broadway, 2nd Floor (btwn. Ellery St. & Park Ave.)
entrance left of liquor store - ring top buzzer
call for more directions: (646) 578-3402

Our mission is the glorification of performance art.

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