looking for a choreographer to collaborate with

I would absolutely love to collaborate with a choreographer right now.  While I would certainly be open to providing some form of set design and/or visual accompaniment for a live dance performance, I am more interested in working with dancers' bodies inside the video frame.  


I've developed a unique style of manipulating the timing of video in postproduction so as to play with the viewer's expectation that motion picture follow some sort of natural time.  This exposes the experience of time in mimesis (and possibly in itself) as relying on a binary opposition where one thing is held up to the measure of another and through the measuring, a length of time passes.  In searching for subject matter to explore how time is communicated in video, I have continuously been led back to the body, particularly represented as a sort of machine.  Technology has always supplied humans with a relative rhythm to set the pace of their activities and form the background on which their meaning is based.  While many products of technology use the body as a metaphor, there is a key difference in that bodily rhythms lack the intersubjectivity that allows them to be codified.  Therefore, any meaning derived from bodily movement is necessarily relative, even before I've began retiming the video.


As I have very little familiarity with the grammar of bodily movement as communicated through the history of dance, I think I'm reaching a point where I'd need a collaborator in front of the camera to fully investigate this.  The main things I'd be looking for in a choreographer would first, be someone who is interested in the relationship between bodily movement and two dimensional representation and secondly, someone who is already (non-dogmatically) exploring the creation of meaning from binary opposition in their own work, whether this be in relation to gender, culture, science, or anything else.

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