LAST CALL / Performing Arts for the Future / July, 13.-18th in Prague

Special offer for 3 young dancers or performers. We have last 3 positions.
We offer:
  • To spend a summer week as a part of International festival Zero Point 2015 with the legends of performing arts and actively participate in their workshops
  • Meeting the young generation with authorities of performing arts
  • Passing on experience, creation work, and thinking to young artists
  • Maintain the fragile continuity in performing arts through a unique poetics of individual artists
  • Contacts, creating conditions for future cooperation, both at European level
  • Meeting with other artistic genres and different approaches as a prompt for further artistic work
  • The participants of the Master Class  workshops will have an opportunity to present their work last day of the festival
We require
  • motivation letter
  • curriculum vitae
Group 1: Saju Hari (UK/India) (Master Class - 6 days)
Group 2: Kitt Johnson (DK) / Jindřiška Křivánková (CZ) (2 x 3 days)
Group 3: Fabrice Mazliah (CH) / Peter Šavel (SK) (3 x 2 days)
Date: July 13 – July 18, 2015
Time: 10:00am – 2:00pm
Place: AMU - Prague, Czech Republic


€150,- / participation in the workshop week + free admission to all performances – International Zero Point Festival 2015

The educative program Performing Arts for the Future is a project of 5 workshops for young artists and students from all over Europe. The inspiring idea is to create conditions for meeting of emerging artists with new theather legends. All participants of the workshops have free entry for the festival productions and they form the core of the festival. Participants are actively involved into the festival events and use the opportunity to build contacts for future cooperation.

This year the following workshop leaders were invited. Dancer and choreographer Kitt Johnson who is one of a kind on the Danish dance and performance scene. Czech alternative and physical scene will be represented by experienced performer Jindřiška Křívánková. Performers and choreographers Peter Šavel from Slovak Republic and Fabrice Mazliah from MAMAZA group as representatives of the new approaches of physical dance, experimental and visual theatre. And as the leader of Master Class will be introduced the world experienced teacher, dancer and choreographer Saju Hari.

Group 1 (Master Class)

Saju Hari (UK/India)   July 13 – July 18, 2015

This dynamic and creative workshop offers a platform to create and experiment with the intention of movement. Different sets of meaning are created by taking away or adding elements. In the beginning the participants learn fast moving and dynamic movement material. The material will be broken down into different layers like focus, breath, economising energy, connection with the group, earth and beyond etc. bringing the participant eventually in a dynamic spiritual/mental state. Saju facilitates a creative process in a careful and non-judgemental way aiming to eliminate inhibitions. The participants will work on 'micro creations' in order to analyse how the meaning can be modified by making minute changes, by fitting it into another micro creation, or by placing it in a different context or music.  An experienced teacher, Saju has taught masterclasses and professional classes at The Place, for Akram Khan Company, Sasha waltz and guests, disabled and behaviourally-challenged groups, schools, colleges, residencies in London and Brussels, gave choreographic workshops for the West End musical The Far Pavilions and choreographed on Jatinder Verma’s (Tara Arts) The Merchant of Venice and a regular teacher at the ImpulsTanz festival Vienna. The Master Class course will be concluded by a public presentation as part of the program of the International Zero Point Festival.

Group 2
Kitt Johnson (DK)                   July 13 – July 15, 2015       

Exploring creativity. Creativity does not only depend on magic moments of inspiration. Creativity also depends on a great deal of plain, patient work, necessary for the unfolding of ideas and their realization. In this workshop participants will uncover the individual source of inspiration and explore the path from idea to materialization. Through thematically based improvisation and composition tasks, different choreographic work tools will be introduced.Kitt Johnson, choreographer, dancer and artistic director of X-act. She has a background in elite athletics, modern and contemporary dance, contact improvisation, butoh, martial artsand German expressionist theatre. As a dancer and choreographer she has worked with Mark Tompkins (F), Nobert Stockheim (D), Sasha Waltz (D), Anita Saij (DK) and other leading figures in these fields. X- act is sponsored by the danish Art Foundation.

Jindříška Křivánková (CZ)          July 16 – July 18, 2015     
This workshop is focused on physical being and presence on the stage. The emphasis is on the awerness of body movements, physical tension, gestures and intention in the context of time and space on the stage. We´re going to work individually as well as in the group on action and reaction, consciousness and perception. We have to find the true and effective being, radical existence, to cross our comfortable borders and limits. The physical training and the exercises lead up to open the personality of the performer, to find the honesty and to allow us lose control over ourselves.  Jindřiška Křivánková is an actress, dancer, choreographer, mime and author with strong interest in the development of contemporary theater performances. She was awarded as the Talent of the Year (2010) at the Next Wave festival in Czech republic. She is a member of Spitfire Company and Kolonie o.s.

Group 3

Fabrice Mazliah (CH)            July 13 – July 15, 2015          

The workshop of Fabrice Mazliah proposes will satellite around the topics and modalities that are utilized in our piece Eifo Efi: Notions such as counter pointed co-ordinations, multi-tasking, multilayered movement and juxtaposition, spatial awareness, memory, correlation between thought and movement, enabling skillful, playful and spontaneous outcomes. “Eifo Eifi” returns wonder into the intimacy of performing, imagining, and being together. Emerging from a body of choreographic work that explores (among things) the perception of appearances and the production of visual paradox. Fabrice Mazliah was part of the Harris Mandafounis Dance Company in Athens and of the Nederlands Dans Theater, before joining in 1997 the Ballett Frankfurt directed by William Forsythe and continued in 2005 with the Forsythe Company. Fabrice has been creating throughout the years numerous projects and choreographic works, He teaches ateliers and improvisation workshops in different countries for professional and non-professional dancers, as well as for visual-artstudents..

Peter Šavel (SK)            July 16 – July 18, 2015          

Šavel’s workshop “Letting go” is a space to discover, list and set in use the range of physical

expressive possibilities. It connects to two main ideas: Learning how to use less muscular work for more efficient result,release into activity and earning to overcome fear, worry, assumption and impossibilities; discovering control by letting go of the controlling mind. Peter is since the beginning of his career interested in the connection between the social and the artistic. Researching movement not only as a pure mean of artistic expression, but in connection to social structures and anthropological origins. All this with a passionate contradictory character of his own. Combining a poet with a scientist, a disciplined craftsmen with a naive playfull child, a pragmatic researcher with a dreaming explorer. His world is one combining emotion with structure, known with forgotten.Since 2011 he`s working with the Belgian based choreographer Pierre Droulers, dancing in "De l`air et du vent" and in "Soleils", also assisting the choreographer.Since may 2013 he`s also working with Salva Sanchis - "The phantom layer", "The organ project".

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