Joe Tornabene at Exploratorium, Berlin, May 2017 Cycling Through Awareness Protocols for Musicians

Theory & research

Labor – Lectures on Improvisation

with Joe Tornabene

Friday 12. May 2017, 20 h

Cycling through awareness Protocols

Music Creation in Heightened Body Perception

“As a baritone saxophonist, all of my daily practice (all technical work as well as open explorations) and performances are processed in some form through an energetic modality. These include the experiential anatomy work, energetic centers, and embodiment explorations.” (Joe Tornabene)

Joe Tornabene will demonstrate his special work in a lecture. It will be interesting for instrumentalists, singers and dancers because it demonstrates a different approach to the source of improvisation. He will deepen this first insight in the following days in a 2-day workshop (please register separately).

Lecture: Joe Tornabene
The Lecture will be in English

Presentation & Contact:

Reinhard Gagel, (030) 53 05 06 46

RAW Performance

Music Creation in Heightened Body Perception

13. – 14. May 2017


An 8 hour open Workshop for sharing and encouraging dialogue and practice in embodiment and energy quality awareness and transformation.

The body systems, space, voice, movement, touch, text, time, imagination, improvisation.

  • Experiential Anatomy: Explorations of body systems which dramatically widen the range of one’s own Energetic Signature
  • Authentic Sounding – living the sound and movement as one
  • Initiation Points – points on the body activated through touch, which become the excitation points of origin for breath, movement and sound
  • Oppositions – the energized space between opposing tensions
  • Time Spectra: ways of organizing and experiencing Time. Time Fields
  • Landscapes: Setting imaginative landscapes in the mind which influence the performer’s energy qualities, colors and dynamics
  • improvisational dynamics in time, noticing moments of experience.
  • The Witness –“The Nobody who sees”
  • One-Voice: Dissolving ego control – how to blend and work with ensemble energy and dynamics
  • Sounder/Mover: explorations into the experiential joining of sounding and moving; transforming kinesthetic impressions from movement into sound.
  • The Shadow and other inter-psychic characters: performance-based embodiement forming and performing

From 1997 until 2002, at The Advanced School of Dramatic Arts, APHX, Athens, Greece, Joe Tornabene began developing and using an embodiment practice with his acting students which he calls the inter-psychic characters. The training and subsequent process is focused towards the embodiment of energy quality and its transition to the stage. The three principal inter-psychic characters are the Shadow, the Guest and the Bystander. The Main Character is the scripted stage character or its equivalent.

The workshop explorations culminate in a performance.


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