International Ensemble Week is an intensive training residency week organized by International Young Makers Exchange and hosted this year by ACT Festival. 15 young students or young emerging artists will work during this week with performing professionals from all Europe to exchange ideas, experiences, and methods. Together they will work towards a performance that will be shown the last day of the festival. In this second edition of the International Ensemble Week the theme will be “The performer and the audience.” This theme will apply to all the different disciplines and workshops that will meet in this project. ACT will provide the participants with accommodation, meals, travel costs to Bilbao (ACT Festival’s location), workshops, and admission for all the activities of the festival.

ACT Festival, Performing Arts New Makers International Festival, continues in its eighth edition with ITs Festival Amsterdam’s work that started last year in The Netherlands. From the 30thof May until the 4thof June, we invite students and young emerging artists from all Europe to investigate another performing culture and to be conscious about the world of Dance and Performance of other countries, and to work and experiment with practical concepts inside of the coexisting cultures. ACT offers a safe and comfortable place where the participants of the International Ensemble Week will enjoy, free of charge, all of the different parts of the festival such as short pieces to contest, videodance films, different European performing art schools’ shows, meetings, workshops, et

The International Ensemble week is part of the International Young Makers Exchange; A network of European based theatre and dance festivals which is aimed at the international showcasing of the work of young artists at stage in their careers before they can access established funding streams.The participating festivals are: ACT Festival Bilbao, ITS Festival Amsterdam, Festival da FabricaPorto, SKENA-UP Pristina, MESS Sarajevo, BE Festival Birmingham, Short Theatre FestivalRome, FIST Festival Belgrade, ITSF Warsaw.

This project has been financed by European Union Funds



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