Throughout the last couple of months the IDENTITY PROJECT has been growing into some very interesting dimensions.

Started out just as an idea for an artistic research on the subject of Identity and the need for labelling as a form of understanding it, the project has become a live-video-performance with some results that float around its own making. is the site where you can see and read all the information about it, and follow up on some of the news that are still about to happen.

IDENTITY PROJECT (V.1) from Daniel Pinheiro on Vimeo.

In this first version the goal was to build a narrative between live video feeds (from different webcams set on stage) and pre-recorded footage and sound, where both visual and sound landscapes were, along with the actions performed live, a metaphor for this constant need of labelling as a form of identification of the other or of oneself.

The idea was for questions to be raised around the same concept from those watching the performance: Who Am I? What do people see and/or think of me, without knowing me? How much of me is really known to those who only look at my outside? What changes once you start to uncover and/or discover yourself? ...

From now until September 22 we'll be working - in collaboration with Whitney V. Hunter (thanks to the support of CultureHub, Inc.) - on a second version of this project where a 'bridge' between two far sites allows this same research to happen.

Brooklyn based artist Whitney V. Hunter has been developing a lot of his work around the concept of Identity and how do we and are we see(n); for this version of the project we'll be working and connecting through telepresence in order to add a new layer to the whole process, a layer that rises some of the questions above but also allows the research to go further in terms of who are we in this age of connectedness (?) where being connected is in fact another part of our Identity.

A new background is brought to both live actions and where that will takes us, we still don't know, we just know that it brings a whole new and more complex identity to the whole project.

Soon, more information...

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