We are performing Hearts4 for Plataforma Dance Festival


Urbanraum Hermannplatz 6pm

With HEARTS ♥ Martha Hincapié Charry opens a space for performers, dancers, actors, musicians and choregraphers in the Urbanraum to meet in an intimate an close dialogue with the public, followed by an open air physical encounter, where they will make, through movement, a reflection about their bodies and their actual state.

The relationship between the body and subjectivity is presented, between general and individual humanness. Jean-luc Nancy introduced the concept of the “being-with”: a body is always in the first instance connected to other bodies, hence to other people: “An other – if he is an other, then he is an other body.”

Bodies are not stable entities, neither the world we are living in. HEARTS ♥ will open possibilities for subjective notions about the relationship between self, society and body.

From and with: Daniela Lucato, Thiago Bartholo, Alexandra Defazio, Lola Lustosa, Emily Jeffries, Nicola Campanelli, Martha Hincapié Charry.

Please reserve a ticket!
Tickets: info//@//urbanraum.com
Entrance: EUR 12 / reduced: EUR 8
Doors open at 5.30pm!

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