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réaltympanica combines digital media and theatre, creating site-responsive and socially engaged art. Having studied together at Goldsmiths College, the group was created in 2009 at the initiative of Renata Gaspar, Ioana Păun and Robert Redmer. They are based in London and are also individually active in Portugal, Romania and Germany.  Their work has also included a series of collaborators from music, visual arts, playwriting, video, graphic design and IT.  




A graphic&sound book that flips in all directions, revealing domestic realities and stories of people living in a limbo area of London.  Put on the headphones, tune into the soundtrack, turn the first page. Embark on the journey of a minibus that gets lost on its way to Bethnal Green.  Peep into the lives of people it passes by. Immerse yourself into their bedrooms, kitchens, fridges, pockets and minds.

Blending images with sound, puzzles and text, the [audiobook] gives a multi-dimensional perspective to different stories that speak about the social impact of the 2012 Olympic redevelopment on the lifestyles of a community just around the corner.





The [audiobook] was a commission by the ICR London to create a new and accessible form of documentation for the site-specific performance X_STREET.  We worked together with a book-maker, a graphic designer, a philosopher and a sound artist, and intended for the documentation to merge into becoming a performative experience as well. 


The book uses the soundtrack created for the original performance, juxtaposing it with photographic documentation, video stills and modern graphic art.  The audience are encouraged to play with the book and create for themselves a unique and challenging experience.

The book sees itself not only as a documentation of a performance, but also as a visual and aural document of a slice-of-time in Hackney Wick before the changes promised by the 2012 Olympic developments start taking effect.



For more information regarding this proposal including requests for additional digital material or the actual book, please email:

For more information about the company and the performance on which this book is based, please visit:




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