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"Lean" from "Adventures in Being (small)" series, 2010

     I am a Boston-based Artist, Writer, and Curator who creates ephemeral work from a painter’s perspective.  I am a co-founder of The Present Tense, an art initiative that produces and archives performance art events and exchanges in transient spaces.  In 2009, I co-founded MEME Gallery in Cambridge, MA, USA and I have been actively showing my own work and the work of others internationally since 2003.  I am inspired by site sensitivity, the relationship between accumulative action and endurance, manipulating duration to challenge the parameters of real time, and the promise of collaborative imagination. 

"Diamond Theory" Collaboration with Philip Fryer, 2010


Coming from a visual arts background, I seek to neutralize my body in my work so that my audience can view it as an art object.  I approach this by creating durational pieces that my witnesses are invited to freely enter in and out of, similarly to observing a painting or sculpture.  This practice relies heavily upon repetition and physical endurance.  I prepare and archive the progress in this realm of the work through my own daily physical fitness. 

     I use my work as a way to constantly shift the paradigm of what art can be and is. 

"Shanghai Rides" from "Adventures in Being (small)" series, 2010 

By considering the sensorial atmosphere of a space in its entirety, I am addressing the concept that an ideal art context can be anywhere/ everywhere.   In addition to more traditional research methods, I use word of mouth to study the environments I engage with.  Sometimes this step happens before the piece is created, sometimes after.  I am enticed by the memories that a space holds.  Asking for recollections is a way that I can access this element of a place.  I archive my pieces through collective memory in addition to photographing, creating video, writing and drawing. 

I have always found movements in art more fascinating than art itself.  In addition to organizing opportunities to show other artists, I actively archive live art on an online blog:



Trailers from First and Second Contaminate Festival-  Organized by The Present Tense and Test


     Participating in the International Performance Art Movement in this capacity is an integral part of my own creative process.  Whether I am engaging with other creative minds or individuals who are unfamiliar with an art language, I am always trying to inspire others to understand how they fit into their environments, both conceptually and corporeally.

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