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I am a Montreal based performance artist. Pursuing a reflection on the sense of time and on presence as a place of commitment, I create mainly durational works, which establish liminal zones between inside and outside, directing attention to the space "in between things". I have been actively presenting my work internationaly in the context of galleries, site-specific works as well as performance art festivals since 2001.

In Vivo/New York, Infiltrate Performance Art Festival@Fountain Art Fair, 2011

How to create a space of wonder that enables us to connect with ancient memories in order to create new images?

In Vivo/Brazil, Trampolim Itinerante, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 2011

By simple devices, I explore the sensitive limit between intimate and public space and between daily life and performative space. Using different materials and objects, I am engaged in creating installations through the process of performance. Notations, images, and object making are part of the preparation of the work as well as my direct response to each unique space of performance. I use mainly photography to document and archive the work and the traces left behind by the actions play a major role in giving a more complete sense of the process.

In Vivo/Toronto, 7a*11d Festival of Performance Art, Toronto 2010

I am interested in the subtlety and fragility that the traces of actions can provide. It allows me to invite the viewer to witness a journey that evokes universal notions of vulnerability, cycles and time.

In Vivo/Québec, Le Lieu Centre en Art Actuel, Quebec 2010

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