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My name is Anya Liftig. I perform. I photograph. I make stuff. I try to be serious but usually I think that other people think what I do is either funny or sad or both. I think about failure. I think about missed connections. I like to cause trouble in my work. Sometimes I use food, sometimes I do things I am probably not supposed to.  I like to pull pranks on myself. I try to do things that scare me. I want to be more courageous everyday. I try to not sit on my ass. 



a simple score for a profound performance:


Take any household object.

Consider it closely for a moment. 

Examine its details. Feel its curves or lack thereof. Take its temperature with your mind. 

Smell it. Hold it in your hand. 

Hit yourself over the head with it repeatedly


Repeat until profundity.



Instant Elitist


Look at someone. 

Take your thumb and forefinger 

and place them in front of your face.

Press down around the outline of the other person

Press harder

Now, come on, really try

Press as hard as you can

Squash your competition

You win




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