Call for Installation Artists to Re-Imagine Erotic Pillow Books....

CALL FOR INSTALLATION ARTISTS:  Visual & Design Artists, Inter-Disciplinary Creators, Theatrical Designers, Multi-Media Makers, Interior Decorators, Environment Builders, Etc. to Recreate Classic Pillow Books in an Immersive, Live Event.


Site-specific performance producers, Peculiar Works Project, are seeking a variety of daring, boundary-crossing artists to create immersive installations for a live performance featuring contemporary recreations of classic erotic pillow books. Each artist will be given a room, material resources and stipend as well as a team of collaborators to realize an 8-minute, repeating, performed installation. All together, Spring Pictures of the Floating World will perform June 28 – July 1 in a large site in NYC’s East Village where audiences will move from space to space, charting their own performance experiences throughout the exhibition hours.


Asian pillow books thrived in a time and place beyond western religion and original sin (Google “shunga” for details). This project is open to all types of artists interested in creating one part of a fantastical pleasure palace, utilizing design, paint, sculpture, costumes, puppets, prosthetics, and more. It’s a fun and informative way to explore cultural difference, the western gaze and sexual boundaries. More information can be found at If you’re interested and available in June, contact by May 18th with a resume or bio, and let us know your interest and questions.

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