Brazilian artist presents his performances in American galleries

Brazilian artist presents his performances in American galleries

Fernando Ribeiro from Curitiba, South Brazil, will be in New York, Boston and Chicago thanks to the sponsorship of his city administration

by Annalice Del Vecchio


A performance artist from Curitiba, South Brazil, Fernando Ribeiro will present for the first time some of his works to the American public in three spaces of experimental art: Defibrillator in Chicago, Mobius in Boston and Grace Exhibition Space in New York. From March 31st to April 28st Ribeiro will take part of several events taking place in these experimental spaces – in Chicago and New York he will be the headline of performance evenings in which other local performers will also take part.


“This is not only an opportunity for me to get in touch with American performance artists but a celebration of my 10 years of work as a performer”, says de 33 years old artist and DJ who lives and works in Curitiba, the biggest city in South Brazil – it has 1,7 million inhabitants and is the capital of Paraná estate. The tour was made possible by the sponsorship of Curitiba’s city hall, which approved his project last year and now is paying for his international air tickets.


Fernando Ribeiro studied Aesthetic and Philosophy of Art after getting his degree in Visual Arts in 2002. At this time he started to take part of several internacional performance art festivals all over Brazil such as the last ones Performa Paço, in Paço das Artes, in the city of São Paulo, and Trampolim – Meeting Platform with Performance Art, in the city of Vitória, Espírito Santo, both in Southeast Brazil.


The interchange with other artists during these events offered Ribeiro the opportunity of showing his performance for the first time in the US. “I met Canadian artist Martine Viale last year in Vitória and after a few months I decided to contact her and ask her which galleries would be interested for my work in the US. She told me to get in touch with Joseph Ravens, who I also met in Vitória and who owns the Defibrillator gallery in Chicago, and the Grace Gallery, in New York.” Ribeiro have had an immediate positive answer from Grace and after a few weeks was also surprised by the invitations of Defibrillator and Mobius (in Boston).


A lot of the performances works presented by Ribeiro in these Brazilian events and in  parks, squares, museums and galleries of his country were exhibited in videos during events such as the Direct Action 2011 at CAZ, a performance video show which was seen in London, Berlin and Hannover.



Fernando has chosen two of his newest performances to show in America. In New York and Boston the artist will present “I promise!” (2011), in which he talks about the act of promising while defoliates flowers for a surprising ritual. “Performance for me is pure action and that’s what I intend to show in the US”, says.  


For Chicago, Fernando prepares a more intense agenda. Besides presenting his newest performance “Effort”, he will also shows an installation and possibly present in a public space his first performance, “The public and I” (2003). “Effort” (2011), which lasts about and hour and a half, will be presented in an evening dedicated to Performance and Technology. The show is transmitted through Internet by a cell phone with a video camera installed into the helmet used by Ribeiro. The helmet turns the artist vision very difficult so he will have to struggle to enwrap his body in rubber band and rattles. “The work had an open structure and allows all sorts of interpretations, but the initial idea is to share the sounds of my effort such as my snort, my breath and my way of talking”, he explains.


As a social return, the artist intends to act as a videomaker during all his trip. “I want to register all the performance art spaces I get to know and interview local artists to present them to people in Curitiba in my return”, he tells. When he comes back to Brazil, he’ll speak to the public in Curitiba about his American experiences as well as coordinate a performance workshop. “I will also present an unseen work that I intend to develop during my time in the US.”




Chicago –April 1st to April 11th

Boston – Abril 11th to Abril 18th   

Nova York – April 18th to April 28th


Exhibition evenings:

Chicago –April 4st

Boston – April 17th

Nova York – April 20th


More information with Fernando Ribeiro by e-mail



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