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“Brain Music” is a living installation using an EEG helmet, Processing, a videoprojector and a sound amplification, where the meditating artist’s brain waves are translated into sound and visual waves.

Technique : the raw data of a Neurosky Mindwave EEG is used here to play generative music. Incoming raw data from the EEG is divided into 512 samples covering brain waves from 1 to 50Hz.

These 512 samples trigger 32 piano notes when their values are beyond the decided level.


The more the performer meditates and concentrates on the music, the more his brain waves harmonize. The musical score and its rhythm are certainly depending on his mood and on the environment, but the performer's real challenge is to focus his mind entirely on the registered sounds, in order to enter into a closed musical loop (a circular feedback) where his brain waves - translated into sound waves - become the reflection of the registered notes and so on.


I’ve already performed three times, for 30 minutes periods :

- November 17, 2017 at MEM Festival, Bilbao (Spain)

- October 20, 2017 at GENERATE Festival, Tübingen (Germany)

- May 10, 2017 at Gare Numérique in Jeumont (France)


I would like, for future events, that this artwork changes its status from performance to living installation. Indeed, I feel like presenting it on a longer time (a few hours per day as long as the exhibition lasts) as part of the collective exhibition. The public could be invited to sit in a space created for the occasion and stay as long as they wish.


Material : about 9 square meters with a videoprojector and a sound amplification. I sit against the projection surface (as in the image above). I bring my laptop (HDMI or VGA connection), EEG helmet and external soundcard (2 male jacks, 6.35mm).

BRAIN MUSIC V5 from Jean-Michel Rolland on Vimeo.

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