- ART RESIDENCY in southern italy 

Directed by alessia siniscalchi artistic Director of contemporary theater group Kulturscio’k 



Produrre, curare, abitare l’arte - Art producing, art curating, art living - Produire, concevoir , habiter l’art


The residence of Kulturscio'k in Domicella is an ample construction marvellously restructured in 2014 and built in the beginnings of last century. Domicella is a small country situated in a woody basin to the borders of the Vallo of Lauro and Nola, almost 35 km from Naples (40 minutes by car).


Dipped in the green, Domicella is also characterized by a particularly mild climate. Fresh and windy air in summer, sweet in winter.

Displaced on 3 floors and absorbed in the light with 7 bed rooms , 6 baths and an ample kitchen, the residence can arrive to host up to 13/15 people.


The residence has wireless, apple tv, airplay in the rehearsal room. From the great garden that surrounds the house characterized by fruit trees it is possible to relax enjoying the view of Vesuvius Vulcan and on the Valley of Lauro.


In the last floor a room of 35 square meters with parquet can be used for stretching, meditation, watching videos etc..


Rehearsal room is a huge room of 110 square meters, 6 meters high , with linoleum on the floor , heater, dehumidification system. Particularly pleasant to work in the summer season in which the temperature of the room doesn't overcome 25 degrees.


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