After a long period of silence "Ecce (H)omo, Warriors" a new performance about Love

After a long period of silence for health trouble, l'm here again.

Ecce (H)omo, Warriors is my new performance art piece about Love.

In 2016, Kyrahm takes part with Julius Kaiser at the Venice International Performance Art Week by VestAndPage, a reunion with the storical body art masters among Marina Abramovic, Stelarc, ORLAN, Franko B, Marce-lì Antunez Roca, Yoko Ono, Marilyn Arsem.

Ecce (H)omo, Warriors
Performance Art written and directed by Kyrahm
with: Nicola Fornoni, Fulvia Patrizia Olivieri, Kyrahm, Imma Mercadante e sua Figlia, Pepijoy Pierangela Ezzis, Lilli Quitadamo.
Soprano : Keiko Murokawa

"In the last year I met extraordinary warriors.
I attended LGBT activists meetings before the Civil Partnership bill was approved by the Italian governement. I met the Rainbow Group families. People struggling to build a model of society where the diversity is a value.
The lack of rights is a social disease that needs to be solved.
For health reasons I connected to the most intimate part of human fragility: the fear of death.
I got in touch with other Warriors, fighting against phisical disease, this time endogenous, as it affects the body.
People with such a powerful inner strenght.
With humbleness I gathered these people to expose their bodies and souls, voluntarily presenting themselves and their actual lives. A mother without t legal rights on her baby girl, a woman loving her girlfriend, the courage of the disabled and the pride of age and illness.
With humbleness I have gathered the lives of those who agreed to take part in the performance where they laid bare their bodies and souls, willingly showing themselves and their life-stories, unmasked.
Motherhood without equal legal rights, represented by a mother, Imma Mercadante, her daughter and her partner who are members of Italian Rainbow Families. Civil Partnership has only recently been passed in Italy, legalizing homosexual civil unions, yet still not safeguarding parenting in same-sex couples.
The starting point was a reflection on the mother/child relationship compared and opposed to that one of a son who takes care of his elderly mother.
A Pietas, acted out with a disabled boy, about the right of all bodies to be loved - in Italian culture the bodies of the elderly and disabled people are often wrongly confined to the territory of chastity, while in some countries such as the Netherlands, there are laws concerning sexual services.
A woman and her twenty-three years old relationship with her beloved partner, the tears of a silver haired Venus looking at her lover’s face marked by time, the courage of those who find the strength to transmit messages of love despite the difficult fight against cancer.
A key issue is the role of the voice:
The voice of those who are no longer with us - Lilli and Teresa were together for 23 years. At the beginning of their relationship, Lilli emigrated to Germany but back then long-distance calls were costly. They therefore decided to mail each other audiotapes with recorded monologues of love by mail. After a lifetime spent together, Teresa died of anaphylactic shock after an MRI. In this performance Lilli shares the voice of her beloved Teresa with the public. A gesture to give voice to her love.
The voice changing with time and illness - Pepijoy tells how a few years ago, while making a figurative sculpture, she accidentally tore it under its lips. After taking a closer look, instead of trying to repair the damage, the artwork appeared before her eyes with a clear message: 'I do not speak because you do not listen to me '. Inspired by her realization, she wrote a poem and recorded her voice. Today the beautiful and persuasive voice of the artist has changed due to cancer. During the performance Pepijoy will not be able to be physically present because of health complications, but her message, recorded at the original performance, about the importance to spend the last years of her life with joy will be screened.
The accompanying uplifting soprano’s voice.
When they asked me what "Ecce (H)omo, Warriors" dealt with I simply replied, "It’s a Love project". (Kyrahm)

Kyrahm + Julius Kaiser is an international artist couple based in Rome, with individual expertise in the fields of visual and performance art, video art, film and LGTB activism. Upon their encounter, they started the project Human Installations, a research comprising contemporary art, live art and avant-garde theatre. In a constant dialogue with cinema, they create works of video art, documentaries and films. Their interest lies on the social function of the artist, existential dynamics, the role of identity, and the experimentation along mental and physical limits and gender roles.

presented on:
Palazzo Falletti, Roma, 2016
Venice International Performance Art Week curated by VestAndPage, Venezia 2016

The video of this performance will be presented March 3 in Ferrara as a work of art guest of honor at the Festival of the Arts at the Countess' Stroffa Palace


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