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Brazilian artist presents his performances in American galleries

Brazilian artist presents his performances in American galleries

Fernando Ribeiro from Curitiba, South Brazil, will be in New York, Boston and Chicago thanks to the sponsorship of his city administration

by Annalice Del Vecchio


A performance artist from Curitiba, South Brazil, Fernando Ribeiro will present for the first time some of his works to the American public in three spaces of experimental art:…


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Fernando Ribeiro's US Performance Art Tour – Schedule

Until now, this is my schedule for US tour:


April 1st to 11th




In Chicago I will have a intense schedule. I will show my performance Effort in…


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Action painting, happening and performance art: from the action as significant factor to the action as work in the visual arts


The action was inserted as a significant element in visual arts by action painting, expressed through the work of artists such as Jackson Pollock and also by the theoretical work of Harold Rosenberg. Through Paul Ricoeur’s philosophy of action, with its main focus on conceptual framework of action, a precise analysis of the comprehension of action allows us to make a specific study about the action itself in visual arts. Following this line of thought, there…


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Next year: New York and Chicago.

Dear friends, I would like to share with you a great new! At the invitation of Grace Exhibition Space, performance art gallery in New York, next year I will go to the United States to present my work, give workshops, see about the performance scene there. In addition to Grace, I received an invitation to present my work in DfbrL8r, performance art… Continue

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About my new performance work: Effort

In Set 29, 2011 I will present my new performance work here in my city, Curitiba. This is a performance with have a part and relation with the web... I call of performance oriented web... But this will be only a part of the work...


In this work I will be to explore the question of action's effort... with the focus on sound of this effort... with my "Helmut for the common Vision" (an art object and technological apparatus) I will can share my …


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D.A. - Direct Action is open to proposals

This year I will participate of a show of performances works in Berlim. Of my work, the register-video of performance Distensão (Distension) will be there.


And It's open to participate of this event:




this year will be tiny! da2011 will be a screening night of performances on•for•at video in combination with a dinner session, happening on:



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