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Produce/Procreate in Oxford, UK, Sponsored by Roves and Roams and OVADA

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Roves and Roams and Ovada Present "Produce/Procreate" in Oxford, UK

Commentary of Anya Liftig’s Performance 'Produce/Procreate'

Evening of performance presented by both Roves and Roams and OVADA

Written by Tiffany Horan

The audience were yet to take their seats; I watched Anya from the front row as she surveyed the room, removed her coat and sat…


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Contemporary Performance TXTS-Anya Liftig

My name is Anya Liftig. I perform. I photograph. I make stuff. I try to be serious but usually I think that other people think what I do is either funny or sad or both. I think about failure. I think about missed connections. I like to cause trouble in my work. Sometimes I use food, sometimes I do things I am probably not supposed to.  I like to pull pranks on myself. I try to do things that scare me. I want to be more courageous everyday. I try to not sit on my…


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An Interview After the MOMA Marina Abramovic Intervention with BOMB Magazine

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Photos from 2011 Maximum Perception Performance Fest, via Hyperallergic on 2011 Maximum Perception Performance Festival in Brooklyn


Curated by Peter Dobill and Phoenix Lights at English Kills Gallery


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