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artist's Life 101: my imperfections

true: thursday afternoon, my 2-year old niece requested my assistance in retrieving a duck from the playpen her 9-month old sisters were playing inside. i said "the big one? or the lɪ.dəl one?" she said "lɪtl̩!" 

i said "that's right - correct my glottal stop. but it won't work. they've been trying to fix it for years."

Photo by Michael…


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Rural Artistic Residencies - Portugal Call for Artists and Artistic Projects 1st Semester 2013(deadline: 15th February 2013)

ARTErra - Rural Artistic Residences is a welcoming place for Artists and Artistic Projects. Set in a small village in the center of Portugal, favors the exchange of ideas, the experimentation of new concepts, multicultural exchanges and the artists and artworks’s mobility.

It offers a place for research and creation for all artistic disciplines and promotes interaction between them, providing the necessary production for Project’s (individual or collective) development and its…


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Artist's Life 101: Jealous of my actor's performance

There really is a first time for everything, including being jealous of your actor's performance of his monologue in your movie. I am more crapshooter than competitive - it does not make me crazy when another actor outshines me. Sometimes it makes me feel like I should quit, but that's the limit except for the few times when I am as green as the screen in the photo…

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Opportunities: Call for Entries – Experimenta 01 (UK)

Call for Entries – Experimenta 01

Deadline: Wednesday 3 October 2012, 6pm (UK time)

Residency Series: Experimenta

Timescale: Experimenta 01 – 1 month (7 January – 7 February 2013)

ArtFunkl is delighted to announce the launch of the Experimenta series of residencies for Visual…


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Building a project on the web

my new project is TYFTB (thank you from the bottom). i am building the movie via Youtube playlist, posting conversational updates about the project - "diary" entries, really. i workshopped plays for a long time, 1990 in blackbox theatres & alternative venues all over the San Francisco bay area (i.e., The Marsh, Exit, Brava, The Luggage Store, Venue Nine, Climate, La Pena, Works San Jose; and Mace Space…


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Children of the Crow, a Dance-Theatre Workshop

Children of the Crow is a dance-theatre workshop designed by Choreographers Emmanuelle Calvé and Lara Kramer.  Rooted in dance and theatre, this project aims to bring the experience of creation through the exploration in nature to children and youth throughout schools in Quebec.  

For more information go to …


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TYFTB: blogging-a-movie

uploading a new Monologue and also a blogpost to this blogging-a-movie Youtube playlist later today 

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Kitchen Scenes, September 15, 2012

my specialty as a solo theatre artist was mimickry, morphing from one character into another. the first scene i ever did this in took place between a young woman, her mother, her grandmother and her stepfather who were having an argument - and it happened in a kitchen. ever after, i called my multiple character scenes "kitchen scenes." having painted half my kitchen Chroma Green, i am still doing kitchen scenes.



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TYFTB, Monologue 1 (study for 'thank you from the bottom')

i think i am going to have to do a lot of these, most of which will likely be mostly backstory and have to be thrown out. this creature believes the Universe is collapsing and she needs to escape into a black hole. this monologue would occur after she was hospitalized. in this scene, she has been put into a saferoom by herself to settle her down.…


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LaMama Spoleto Open

Had an amazing time performing at LaMama Spoleto Open, saw great performances of the artists in the Festival. Andrea and Marco were very kind and helpful with great feedback of my work. Invited back to Dixon Place for November 16 2012. Recreating How Brief Eternity for the engagement as well as performing ALL what THIS do HAS you HAPPENED see BEFORE. Also teaching Raw Movement Labs at Dance New Amsterdam in NYC starting September 27th from 2-4pm and the following 2 weeks on October 2, 4, 9…


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'score,' by Zedlitz

‎"repetitive" is a word that you don't want to hear from your coach, curator or critic. or your dramaturge - especially not your dramaturge.

"repetitive" is not to be confused with "repetition," a rhetorical device - a delightful example of which is this little vid by Zedlitz. a good example of abstract, nonlinear, subjective storytelling through that most objective of POVs, The Camera.…


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Inspiration of the day: “Head #01” an installation by Danish artist, Carl Krull

it's alive! & makes you want to play. not much to say about it except it makes me glad i'm human and on the same planet with it.

well, i should say the rest of what Head #01 has planted inside me. yesterday, after living happily as a pig in sh*t, as Americans say, away from performing in live theater for 5 years, i had a flash of collaborating as a video artist with a few theater artists i know on a piece for the live stage. "that's a nice thought, Syl." i said to myself.…


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Red yellow blue by Alison Williams (retrospective works)

very nicely performed art. the movie (4:10 mins, 2008-2009) is emotionally searing not merely because of the emotional subtext, but because the actor's eyes, probably no more than 6" from the camera for most of the movie, seem no more than 2" from the viewer's eyes. very effective!



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Homo File, a new perormance by Seth Eisen about Samuel Steward, college professor, tattoo artist, and sexual rebel

CounterPULSE artist in residence, Seth Eisen writes and directs an ensemble of multidisciplinary performers/artists/collaborators in his new Queer history performance project titled Homo File, chronicling the life of Sam Steward, (1909-1993).

Steward was a college professor, a prolific author of homoerotic fiction, an influential tattoo artist, and Queer sexual maverick who lived his last 3 decades in the Bay Area. His artistic development and Queer self-awareness…


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Looking forward to seeing my good friend Rebecca Longworth in Ragged Wing's "WITHIN THE WHEEL"

"Within the Wheel" is being produced by Ragged Wing Ensemble,  October 17 - November 3 at Live Oak Park, 1301 Shattuck in Berkeley, CA USA! 

Rebecca Longworth also plays Becky in my movie-in-progress, "Indigo…


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Rough Trade II Kickstarter

Please take a minute to watch the video and if you can, support this exchange we've organized. It is vital that there is a dialogue between different cities and styles of performance, which is why we felt it was important to organize this exchange. PLEASE DONATE IF YOU CAN EVERY BIT…


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Folks I have worked for: Omnicircus

even if you're not from San Francisco,…


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CologneOFF 2012

i am hoping someday to attend CologneOff in person, not just in spirit. just take a look at the schedule! i feel learning about CologneOff truly opened up the world to me as an artist. "CologneOFF 2012 - nomadic festival project directed and coordinated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne." …


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Hello I´m new here

Hello I´m new here.

Invite everyone to visit my website to know more about me.

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