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Michel Groisman in NYC

Was totally impressed by Brazilian artist Michel Groisman last week/end in NYC, where he opened PS122's season. I had an interview with him and a review, in which I admit to how I really didn't expect it to be good then was blown away. Such a nice man, too...

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Action painting, happening and performance art: from the action as significant factor to the action as work in the visual arts


The action was inserted as a significant element in visual arts by action painting, expressed through the work of artists such as Jackson Pollock and also by the theoretical work of Harold Rosenberg. Through Paul Ricoeur’s philosophy of action, with its main focus on conceptual framework of action, a precise analysis of the comprehension of action allows us to make a specific study about the action itself in visual arts. Following this line of thought, there…


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Next year: New York and Chicago.

Dear friends, I would like to share with you a great new! At the invitation of Grace Exhibition Space, performance art gallery in New York, next year I will go to the United States to present my work, give workshops, see about the performance scene there. In addition to Grace, I received an invitation to present my work in DfbrL8r, performance art… Continue

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Photos from "I Am Within" at Freshkills Park, NYC September 17, 2011


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Workshop: A RE-EDUCATION – Klein Technique as taught by BARBARA MAHLER, November 7-11,2011, Schwelle7, Berlin/Germany

A RE-EDUCATION – Klein Technique as taught by BARBARA MAHLER

Workshop by Barbara Mahler, Schwelle7, Berlin/Germany


daily Monday, 7th - Friday, 11th, Novemer 2011

Schedule - morning class: 11:30am-2pm + afternoon class: 3:30-6 pm

Showing: Friday, 11th, Novemer 2011, 8:30 pm







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Moliere the Magnificent

There is a chair in the museum collection of the Comédie-Française in Paris, which is displayed in a corridor right off the theater’s main lobby, encased in a glass cabinet like Sleeping Beauty. It is a simple armchair on casters, upholstered in tattered leather. The chair is old, at least some 350 years. Legend has it, that the playwright-actor Molière practically died in it, on stage, when he had a coughing fit during the fourth performance of Le Malade Imaginaire, playing Argan the…


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La MaMa and Mickery

The histories of Ellen Stewart’s La MaMa E.T.C. (Experimental Theater Club) in New York and the Mickery Theatre in Amsterdam are intertwined. Both La MaMa and the Mickery provided a home base for experimenters in the theatre from the sixties onwards. Just like with La MaMa, once you had worked at the Mickery, you were part of that family, you belonged to a group of people that shared a very specific collective history. La MaMa and the…


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Indifference Review at Wunder der Praerie

Mannheimer Morgen

Please scroll down for German version


"However, if one subsequently had the courage to experience hilarity at the festival centre, in their performance “Indifference” Bill Aitchison and Katja Dreyer curiously explore the idea of free will, with the Macarena and the Funky Chicken- until the final mental breakdown. Holiday songs and popular dance forms à la Club Med are turned into vehicles…


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NAME Readymade / ISEA 2011 Istanbul

September 15th, 1 pm - 2 pm

Sabancı Center (Main Theater) / ISEA 2011 Istanbul (Turkey)

At the 17th International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA 2011 Istanbul, the artist Janez Janša…


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Bill Aitchison Company warmly invites you to attend the premiere of Indifference… a new and humorous performance, searching exploration on free will. The performance will be touring in the UK and Germany.

Philosophers. Populists. Artists. Novelists. Rock stars. Dancers. And more. All have been challenging and debating the slippery existence of free will since the…


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Flashing Bodies Action 8 Censura Emotional

We're going soon to Evora, Portugal, to present our next action


Check it out at



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... I'm an Artist

... Sometimes when people ask me what I do, and I reply Artist, and they say that they'd love to paint, and I say not that sort of art, they say oh what sort of art do you do: And then it's a challenge not to be perceived as being pretentious .... If I'm feeling comfortable I'll sometimes call it Curiosity Based Living ... here's someone elses long form version ... MANIFESTO TOWARD PERFORMANCE(S) OF INDEFINITE DURATION… Continue

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An Interview with Opie Boero Inwinkelried of Dimanche Rouge


Sunday, Sept. 18, the eighth installment of Dimanche Rouge goes down at Petit Bain, a floating concert hall and art space on the Seine. A mini-festival of experimental performance founded in Paris, France by Opie Boero Imwinkelried and others Dimanche Rouge exists to offer a consistent opportunity for artists to present their work. Though less than a year old, Dimanche Rouge has a…

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Workshop "Procesos creativos" en Bahia Blanca.

En este encuentro, trabajamos sobre las nociones de mapa, territorio, objeto y políticas estéticas.

3 al 5 de Septiembre - 2011



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UK Director Darren A. Furniss Interview

Spotlight: Darren A. Furniss


Check out the above link for an interview I did recently about directing!

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Dance A Day Video Diary

I've decided to keep a video diary of my thoughts and creative process as I take on this challenge. This is the first time I've done anything this public and I believe the behind the scenes occurrences are just as critical as the choreography shared online. Below are my first three entries. Please do respond if you are moved to. I share my every fearful, apprehensive and proud moment in this public forum because I am hoping someone will say "me too" or "I hear ya."


Follow me…


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Dance A Day Challenge

I am attempting to choreograph something every day for the net year. I first started this in July but was unsuccessful. So I restarted the challenge on September 1, 2011. Join me in my journey; ask questions, submit feedback, share your similar projects.


July 1,…


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New Paradise Laboratories' Extremely Public Displays of Privacy Starts here, now


Act 1 online here: ExtremelyPublicDisplays opened September 2nd. You need the newest version of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox to view. Free.


Act 2 in a sound & video guided walking tour in Philadelphia. Opens September 9th. Free.


Act 3 in a secret venue. Opens September 14th. Tickets $15-20.


Feedback welcome. Enjoy.…

New Paradise Laboratories


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