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Mariel Carranza & Dorian Wood : a collaborative performance installation : LACE : 15 Sept 11

Artists Mariel Carranza and Dorian Wood present a performative installation organized around sound making, physicality, gesture and sculpture. Working together for the first time, this unique collaboration hinges on the principle of trust, as well as each artist’s distinct relationship to sound making, sound feeling and hearing. Carranza is physically woven into the sound-making instrument, its architecture comprised of wooden beams and strings of varying…


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About my new performance work: Effort

In Set 29, 2011 I will present my new performance work here in my city, Curitiba. This is a performance with have a part and relation with the web... I call of performance oriented web... But this will be only a part of the work...


In this work I will be to explore the question of action's effort... with the focus on sound of this effort... with my "Helmut for the common Vision" (an art object and technological apparatus) I will can share my …


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The More of Us There Are, the Faster We Will Reach Our Goal on ZOOM Festival

September 2nd, 8 pm

HKD Teatar Rijeka, Rijeka (Croatia) / ZOOM Festival

The More of Us There Are, the Faster We Will Reach Our Goal

Following the participation at the last year's edition of the ZOOM Festival which made a great stir, upset the Croatian public and also challenged their Prime Minister Ms Jadranka Kosor wit Life (in Progress), Maska is coming back with a documentary performance…


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Breathing into Tubes, Pt.1

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a conversation about one to one performance between melanie jame walsh and julie vulcan

A Dialogue with Julie Vulcan and Melanie Jame Walsh


Julie Vulcan (Syd) and Melanie Jame Walsh (triage live art collective -Melb) met during the recent 3 week Underbelly Arts Lab and Festival on Cockatoo Island, Sydney ( Both were engaged in developing and presenting new work that played to a limited audience and offered a close personal experience.  They soon realised…


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On adapting the Deborah Hay solo I think not:

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Delusion, choreography and dramaturgy

I am a choreographer and I understand this work to involve developing imaginative and playful questions of how to represent ideas through embodied actions and dance. These ideas take various forms and are constructed (or emerge) in multiple ways. Sometimes they are wonderfully clear, other times less so, but the ideas always involve a kind of grappling with possibilities, actions, images, sounds and offers. The 'game' of choreography feels like a tremendous privilege — it is difficult,…


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Site detailing Deborah Hay's Solo Performance Commissioning Project 2011

Hi all

Am currently in the thick of learning and practicing Deborah Hay's I think not in Findhorn, Scotland. Thought some members of the network might be interested in details/reflections here:



Simon Ellis


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Anna Utopia Giordano | My Social Generation

In "My Social Generation", Anna Utopia Giordano played a "standard" 13-15 year old girl of contemporary European society to focus attention on the terrifying phenomenon of child prostitution (not run by adults but by children themselves!) and the "age of the child-woman". The research conducted by the artist focuses attention on how teens use social networks and how they are changing the awareness of themselves.

More info & pics: …


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My performance class

This is just a performing of my dance class


My blog is Dulce Duboviski Performance

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Looking for a "one Act Play"



I'm looking for a 20 to 40 minutes One ACt Play....I wonder if you have any suggestion for me?


many thanks

Pegah Tabassinejad



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Facultad de Filosofía y Letras

Universidad de Buenos Aires


La Secretaría de Extensión Universitaria y Bienestar Estudiantil informa que está abierta la inscrpción para los talleres y seminarios- talleres artísticos que ofrece la Secretaría para el segundo cuatrimestre de 2011.

A los mismos pueden inscribirse alumnos, graduados y público en general.


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Video Andr01d Blues//Live Toulouse 30/06/2011

Après 6 mois de travail d'animation 3D, prise de vue vidéo et photo, enregistrements sonores, recherches esthétiques et musicale, bricolage, etc... j'ai le plaisir de vous présenter ma dernière performance: Andr01d Blues.…

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Live ANDR01D BLUES//Toulouse//30.06.2011

Welcome to Pattern Corp.

"We are Androids and we exiled, be reduced has a tired run your painful spots. We have since evolved.…


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L'Atelier D----

L’Atelier D est une hétérotopie, un atelier qui ne veut pas attendre révolution, Godot et autres frustrations.

Ici et maintenant, here and now, hier und jetzt, hic et nunc…

Tawwa, houni wou billi 3andi.

On ne va pas attendre les subventions, les producteurs, les rêves de futurs improbables.

On ne va pas courir après l’argent qu’on n’a pas.

Ce que rejette la société suffit amplement et le system D permet de le réaliser parfaitement.

Le collectif est basé sur ceux qui…


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"I Am Within" sculpture and performance at Freshkills Park, NYC September 2011

To attend this event please sign up for a tour of Freshkills Park on August 20th or Sept 17th at the park's website:…


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Mariel Carranza + Dorian Wood collaborative performance @ Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions

Thursday, 15 September 2011


More info forthcoming.

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NEW SHOW: Synthesis Recognition

Synthesis: Recognition is a work in progress an exploration of the deeper effects of the condition of modern life. A lurid and surreal experience utilising physical theatre, puppetry, film and visceral soundscapes.

Devised by Dan Shelton in collaboration with…


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Poésies expérimentales – Zone numérique (1953-2007) Jacques Donguy


Poésies expérimentales – Zone numérique (1953-2007)
Jacques Donguy 
Une présentation historique et théorique des poésies expérimentales, une anthologie, une bibliographie internationales, 300 reproductions, 400 pages. 

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