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Featured: Philipp Gehmacher (Austria)

Philipp Gehmacher grew up in Salzburg and in Vienna. In 1993 he went to London Contemporary Dance School where he received a BA in Contemporary Dance in 1996. After the first solo "the mumbling fish" he enrolled for an MA Dance Studies at Laban Centre London which he was awarded in 1999. After ten years in London he returned to Vienna during the Summer 2003.

During his final period in London he choreographed the pieces "in the absence", "Holes and Bodies"… Continue

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Les Digitales @ Botanischer Garten, Bern (Schweiz) - 28.08.2010

Les Digitales 2010

(elektronisches Musikfestival/Festival électroniques)…

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In Performance: Ulrika Kinn Svensson and Koen De Prete - Sometimes Its there (Belgium)

SOMETIMES IT’S THERE Ulrika Kinn Svensson and Koen De Prete

‘Sometimes it’s there’ is an intimate performance created by two young choreographers and friends, born out of a need to join their creative forces. This atmospheric piece is a search for subtle shifts of meaning in movement, words, sound, and light. The performers play with emotions and humour, both introvert and extrovert, to create a hypnotic and warm-hearted dance performance.…


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Announcement: Festival Escrita na Paisagem Call For Video Works (Portugal)

Festival Escrita na Paisagem is looking for works to be presented at its Video-Performance Showroom, which will take place between the 20th and the 23rd September, in Évora, Portugal.


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Featured: DD Dorvillier Future Human Dance Corps (USA)

DD Dorvillier is a New York based choreographer, performer, and teacher. In 2003 she and composer David Kean were awarded two Bessies for Choreography and Soundscore of Dressed for Floating (Danspace Project, 2002). Her No Change or “freedom is a psycho-kinetic skill” (Danspace Project/Context Studios, 2005), has been shown in Festivals and theaters in places such as ImpPulsTanz (Vienna, Austria), Tseh Festival/Springdance Dialogues (Moscow, Russia), La Caldera… Continue

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Highlights: 2010 International Hamburg Summer Festival (Hamburg, Germany)

From the Artistic Director:

We are looking forward to presenting you with another three weeks of international art and theory. Choreographers, directors, scholars, artists and musicians from everywhere from Tokyo to New York to Johannesburg are coming to Hamburg with their view of our reality – and this year, for the first time they’ll be performing in the Deichtorhallen and on the Alster.


Thank you! Thanks… Continue

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research/development for my new show...


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Ong Keng Sen: First Contemporary Performance artists to be awarded the The Fukuoka Prize

The Fukuoka Prize

The Fukuoka Prize was established to honor outstanding achievements by individuals or groups/organizations in preserving and creating the unique and diverse cultures of Asia. The aim is to foster and increase awareness of the value of Asian cultures as well as to establish a framework within which Asians can learn from, and share with, each other.

Arts and Culture Prize

Prize money:… Continue

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Highlights: Performance Space 122 Fall Season 2010 (NYC)

d performance community. Over the past 25 years what was once an abandoned school has become one of the world's leading arts institutions, an esteemed presenter of experimental and alternative performance and a home to countless emerging artists.

Located on the corner of First Avenue and 9th Street, the former Public School 122 was abandoned and in disrepair when a group of visual artists began to use the old classrooms for studios. In 1979, choreographer Charles Moulton began… Continue

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In Performance: Dedicated to the Revolutions (Canada)

Dedicated to the Revolutions is a show about seven scientific revolutions that a grade eight teacher once said altered the course of humanity: Gutenberg, Copernican, Newtonian, Industrial, Darwinian, Nuclear and Information.

Erin Shields, Aimée Dawn Robinson, Chad Dembski Photo: Trevor Schwellnus Erin Shields, Aimée Dawn Robinson, Chad Dembski Photo: Trevor Schwellnus

Six performers, not in any way experts in science and not… Continue

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Rooted In the Ephemeral Speak

R.I.T.E.S. is an artists-initiative organised as a non-profit event to platform new ideas and artists in sonic art,

time-based and performance art-related practices. Its objectives are to

present an eclectic mix of performances that is informed by visual

aesthetics, technological integration…

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Highlights: Tanz Im August Aug 19 - Sept 3, 2010 (Berlin)

Tanz Im August 2010

From the Organizers:

During the 22nd edition of Tanz im August, we would like to draw your attention to a topic that has become increasingly important – not only in politics and the media, but also in contemporary dance: the ethics of human existence. More often, choreographies include appeals that we should deal with people and resources responsibly. Thus dance is given the function… Continue

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In Performance: Gisèle Vienne – This is how you will disappear

Gisèle Vienne - This is how you will disappear:

Everything starts in a forest. Extremely natural, inhabited by a buzzard in feathers and bones, this wooded landscape is staged like the reflection of the interior experiences of the characters who cross it. Depending on the light, mist and sound atmosphere, the metamorphosis capacity of the place is astonishing, following the example of the feelings driving the spectators, which go from harmony to danger, from the… Continue

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Featured: Dean Moss / Gametophyte Inc. (Brooklyn, USA)



Gametophyte (ga•me´to•phyt´) the company name is from the greek meaning to marry and to grow. The word refers to the sexual generation of small pioneering plants found world wide that produce in true form neither flowers, fruits nor seeds. A plant commonly called “moss”.

A hybrid production, performance and consulting company,… Continue

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Highlights: ImPulsTanz Festival July 15 - August 15 (Vienna, Austria)

ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival July 15 - August 15

Thousands of professional dancers, choreographers and teachers from all over the world, come together, work together, for five weeks, in one city - ImPulsTanz.

1984. In Austria‘s leading cultural city Vienna the cultural manager Karl Regenburger and the choreographer Ismael Ivo launch the… Continue

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International Winter School, Glasgow

As part of the New Territories festival the IWS provide opportunities for professional artists to work together under the guidance of a mentor. The courses available for Feb/March 2011 are now open for registration. For further details please follow the link: http://www.newmoves.co.uk/winter-school.

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In Print: Realtime E-dition July 12, 2010 Online Now (Australia)

Realtime E-dition July 12, 2010 Online Now.

RealTime is Australia's critical guide to international contemporary arts. Its focus is on innovation in performance (live art, experimental theatre, dance, music, sound), photomedia, film, video, interactive media and hybrid arts.

The RealTime website offers a comprehensive view of Australian contemporary art with an international perspective, combining the current print edition of RealTime, online exclusives and updates; the… Continue

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There are some interesting interviews with artists on these podcasts.

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In Print: National Review of Live Art 30th Anniversary Boxed Set

NRLA 30th Anniversary Boxed Set

Eds. Dee Heddon, Jennie Klein and Nikki Milican

The catalogue is a limited edition Box Set that represents the unique spirit of the NRLA festival, as well as the diversity of its programme over the past 30 years. 70 contributors each offer their own perspective on and history of the longest-running Live Art… Continue

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