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Dirty Chamber Theatre

Driving back from the airport after performing Last Night I Dreamt My House Was Leaking... at PAD in Mainz, September 2009; Mary said "What do you think our next piece will be?", I hesitated, she continued: "I want it to be dirty" and I responded, "It will be a Chamber piece; it will be intimate and dirty". "Dirty!" we proclaimed to each other - somewhat in awe at what we had given birth to - and then we asked "What will that be like?".

Almost two years later, we have our 'dirty…


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Invitation to Secret Dancers - a neighbourhood event & more ...

This coming Friday I get to realize another edition of Elaine Summers' "Invitation to Secret Dancers" as introduction to a neighbourhood-dance event in Het Oude Westen (the old West) a very multi-cultural…


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Performance Studies Post-Graduation - Lisbon University Institute

Online Registration Now Open for a Performance Studies Post-Graduation (1 year) at ISCTE-IUL (Lisbon University Institute)

more information:


Performance Studies Post-Graduation

60 ECTS (European Credit… Continue

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ALASTAIR MACLENNAN to be aware of the moment - or the quality of engagement

an essay written by Ilka Theurich

While I was looking at the cover of Manuel Vasons book “encounters” for the first…

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Producer's Cloud
: Documentation from 3 x 2 x 3 # 1 at LACE : curator: Dino Dinco

: documentation from 3 x 2 x 3 # 1 at LACE with Dawn Kasper, Allison Wyper and Hana van der Kolk / Hannah Henderson; Curator: Dino Dinco, Performance Art Curator in Residence


Thursday, 21 April 2011




All images courtesy of Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions / LACE

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A Recipe…


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La scuola impertinente - Percorso di educazione alla teatralità


Il teatro inteso come luogo d'incontro, diviene per chi lo pratica una casa in cui sentirsi protetti, un ambiente familiare in cui è sempre bello ritornare e dal quale si possa partire sereni e rinnovati.

Da qui nasce l’idea di creare un percorso teatrale che…

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Laboratorio Aperto al Liceo Artistico

Mercoledì 4 Maggio per concludere insieme il laboratorio integrato ed il percorso di Educazione alla Teatralità si terrà una lezione aperta. Questa avventura con il Liceo Artistico e la Scuola Media SMS…

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Workshop by NITA LITTLE: ARTiculating Presence: The Tactile Mind(Body), June 20-24, 2011, Schwelle 7, Berlin/Germany


ARTiculating Presence: The Tactile Mind(Body)

5 day intensive workshop with NITA LITTLE



Monday, June 20th to Friday 24th, 2011

Workshop daily from12 am - 6 pm

Improvisational Performance: June 24th, 8:30 pm


UPDATES: http://www.schwelle7.de/Nita%20Little.html

WHERE: Schwelle 7, Berlin, Germany (adress below)



ARTiculating Presence:…


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Modern Panic Exhibition

Guerrilla Zoo presents MODERN PANIC

"So all of a sudden, we can think that we are capable of everything, we are hate and love, and we are panic." - Fernando Arrabal

"The chief enemy of creativity is 'good' taste." - Pablo Picasso

A unique and powerful collection of surreal,

controversial and provocative modern… Continue

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Dimanche Rouge

Dimanche Rouge an afternoon of avant garde performances and shared appetizers and drinks the third Sunday of the month.

A few blocks away from the Centre Pompidou, Dimanche Rouge invites you to discover an alternative Sunday in Paris. Live performances exploring the boundaries of new technologies applied to video, theater, music and dance offer an alternative universe to discover.

Free admission.


Ongoing call for work:

Dimanche Rouge is looking for experimental…


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An excerpt from my play "Whether"

What are stage directions and what is dialog is pretty clear, but sorry if it's not!

It’s night again. The same setting as the first one. It is even hotter than before if that is even possible. After many moments of silence TEMPERANCE sits up strait with her eyes open. She gets out of bed and kneels at her trunk. She begins to take out items and examine them, raise them to the sky, hug them, play with them, then put them down. They’re not toys, they could be small objects like… Continue

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An excerpt from my most recent untitled play


Can you please speed up.


When I feel I've finished the story I'll speed up.


If I don't get fairness from the court system, I don't get fairness. All I've done is been responsible, worked hard, gotten insurance, without even a thank you, and I've been responsible for him, always paid the bills, used my inheritance for the benefit of everyone, and I also was diligent that would get a job to pay health insurance, and I just want to… Continue

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Femmehomme the research





Is a performative installation conceived by Valeria Cosi.


A room is dominated by an empty table and the flickering of a TV, screening excerpts of various Italian programs.

A woman observes and absorbs these images. Slowly she starts to imitate the kind of femininity displayed on the screen. She now reveals her look to…


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We're preparing our next Action, from LDN to BCN.


The Casting is Flashing Bodies Action Six and we would like to invite everybody. Also feedback is welcome either here or in FB!




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3 x 2 x 3 # 1 : Thursday, 21 April 2011 : Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions

3 x 2 x 3 is a three part series, each component featuring a circuit of three performance artists executing short live works for a rotating audience of two spectators.  


3 x 2 x 3 # 1 exhibits the work of Hannah Henderson, Dawn Kasper and Allison Wyper.  

Since the beginning of what became known as performance art, artists have explored and executed one-on-one works wherein a single artist performs…


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D.A. - Direct Action is open to proposals

This year I will participate of a show of performances works in Berlim. Of my work, the register-video of performance Distensão (Distension) will be there.


And It's open to participate of this event:




this year will be tiny! da2011 will be a screening night of performances on•for•at video in combination with a dinner session, happening on:



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