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INDEX, "Arte de Incertidumbre –Miami/Santo Domingo /Puerto Rico 2014"

Museo de Arte Moderno

Jueves 10 Abril 2014 de 9:00am.a 9:00pm.

Parque Colon

Viernes 11 de Abril 2014 de…


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Laudo de selección, XXV Concurso de Arte Eduardo León Jimenes, 2014

Entre los días 19 y 21 de marzo del 2014, el jurado del XXV Concurso de Arte Eduardo León Jimenes, conformado por Andrea Giunta, Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy y Jorge Pineda, efectuó una revisión de 136 dossiers de artistas presentados a dicha…

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International Intensive Summer Worshop in Barcelona with Mercedes Boronat

International Summer Worshop in Barcelona 

intensive workshop with Mercedes Boronat


  • from Juny…

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Your experiments are part of your body of work

These 17 performance art based videos, each less than 2 minutes long, are discrete works, including several that were created as part of series. I use shorts to explore character, practice my storytelling chops, and perfect visual experiments; and also to save ideas for a later date. It is good…


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Pending events and exhibitions for your edification, enjoyment and participation

Pending events and exhibitions for your edification, enjoyment and participation

John G. Boehme Dip. Visual Art, BFA (VAL), MFA

website:        Vimeo:      



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2014 Call for Artists (Multidisciplinary artist residency in Portugal)" alt="" />
2014 Call for Artists (Multidisciplinary artist residency in Portugal)

"ARTErra is a artistic center in Portugal where artists are welcome to develop they´re  projects. Make your applications, contact us and find in our center a place that is thought for artists and that adapts for different…

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NGS ("Native Girl Syndrome") in Edmonton

Alberta Aboriginal Arts Presents
Lara Kramer's NGS ("Native Girl Syndrome")
April 1st 2014 at 6:30pm …

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International Playwright Retreat in Umbria, Italy is now Open

8th Annual International Playwright Retreat

August 1 – August 10, 2014

La MaMa Umbria International, Italy Umbria, Spoleto

Deadline: June 1, 2014…


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International Symposium for Director in Umbria Italy now open

15th Annual International Symposium for Directors in La MaMa Umbria is now Open

Theatre-makers: Theatre for Social Change and Community Engagement

Deadline: May 15, 2014. Limited spaces available

Approaching theatre for social change from a variety of…


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Character, my own definition

After all my suffering around acting for 25 years, I can finally communicate in concise descriptions what it is I do and believe in.


"A consistent, believable set of actions and expressions of emotion that come through the actor in such a way as to affect his voice, body and environment."


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Signal to Noise @ Tojo Theater Bern

Signal to Noise on Tour!

Next live dates: 9. / 11. & 12. April

Tojo Theater Bern

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Forced Entertainment: Improvisation Streaming

AND ON THE THOUSANDTH NIGHT… Streaming live from Culturgest, Lisbon and at Saturday 22 March 2014 from 6pm, 6 hours duration

Forced Entertainment are set to return to the web waves with another epic improvisation on the evening of Saturday 22 March. From 6pm GMT, audiences around the world will have the opportunity to join theatre goers at Culturgest, Lisbon, for the six hours of And on the…


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Body Weather Workshop in Berlin with Frank Van De Ven

Body meets Imagination.

Info and reservation: David Hall

Tel: +49 1578 4250969

Part A 10:00 - 13:00 Body Weather training

Body Weather is a comprehensive training and performance practice that investigates the intersections of bodies…

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Dirk Jan Jager - Three scenes and a short commentary

Dirk Jan Jager - Three scenes and a short commentary

Fassbinder's Bedroom (June 10th 1982)

A small room in a Munich apartment.

It was all over before he knew it. That is, of course, the essential feature of death, its absolute transgression. Blanchot knew that and so did Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Somebody moves across the room and turns off the television that was still flickering in the corner (the air still smells of cigarette…


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i've moved into a new decade...

it's time for new photos.  yeah, i'm thinking a lot about space these days.  just in time for the new cosmos series.  who will share their tv?…


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The stress factor should be part of the budget for your no-budget film

Last year, when my allergies were so bad that in spite of Advair 500/50 twice a day, lots of water and plenty of Pro-Air, half of the days of the week I could barely walk a slight incline, let alone some of the hills in San Francisco, and I had heart flutters nearly every day as a result, I nevertheless made a colorful, lush, stylish little movie in 27 days by myself in my 11 1/2…


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TYFTB (thank you from the bottom), a one ✭ review by Heather Petterson

A pro theater artist knows all press is good press. Even this:

The movie [TYFTB] had seriously poor acting. Personally I could not watch the whole film because a few of the actors were to annoying to stomach.

I was a solo theater artist for 17 years, performing in San Francisco, LA and Seattle, where there is…


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