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Mashable post on New Paradise Laboratories

This has had 62,000 hits and counting--

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collaboration 2

SPACE WOMB (pixil animation assignment) from Danielle Demos on…


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Mind over Wave from AXIAL on…


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PALCO OVEST - arti sceniche contemporanee portoghesi in Italia

PALCO OVEST - arti sceniche contemporanee portoghesi in Italia

Dagli anni ’90 gli artisti portoghesi hanno guadagnato una particolare attenzione a livello internazionale e sulla scia del successo della Nuova Danza Portoghese anche il teatro contemporaneo e la performance si sono profondamente rinnovati.…


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QMAD, Queens Media Arts Development, launches ITINERANT, a citywide festival for Contemporary Performance Art to be hosted at various venues in the five boroughs of New York City. ITINERANT starts its five week program at GRACE EXHIBITION SPACE in Brooklyn on Friday, March 30th, featuring the work of local, national and international performance artists.…


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Following a year of preparations Pedro Manuel (director) and I (writer/performer) would like to invite you to my first solo -and labour of love!- which premieres this May.
What is it about?

Third Culture Kid: A person who has spent a significant part of their youth outside the home culture.


When theatre maker, actress and entertainer Margo van de Linde was two years old she moved for the first time…


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Brazilian artist presents his performances in American galleries

Brazilian artist presents his performances in American galleries

Fernando Ribeiro from Curitiba, South Brazil, will be in New York, Boston and Chicago thanks to the sponsorship of his city administration

by Annalice Del Vecchio


A performance artist from Curitiba, South Brazil, Fernando Ribeiro will present for the first time some of his works to the American public in three spaces of experimental art:…


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Residency at The Banff Centre

In residency at The Banff Centre with Emmanuelle Calvé April 1st - 8th 2012 for our new creation Children of the Crow

Children of the Crow is a dance-theatre workshop designed by Choreographers Emmanuelle Calvé and Lara Kramer.  Rooted in dance and theatre, this project aims to bring the experience of…


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Call to Artists LOW LIVES 4 Networked Performance Festival

Event Dates: 27, 28 April 2012


Open call for proposals

Deadline: 25 March 2012


Now entering its fourth year, Low Lives…


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The birth of Entertainment begins next week!

The Theo Adams Company NY BOUND!…

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Week In Review: March 16, 2012

Welcome to this weeks Network Round Up. We've gathered the top most viewed, liked, and commented on members, content, photos, and videos. Warning: Some of these are NSFW. Contemporary PerformanceNetwork is a social media / community organizing network providing artists, presenters, scholars and festivals a platform to meet, share work, and collaborate. Invite your collaborators to share their work…


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Théâtre / "Adeus à carne"

Littéralement “Adieu, la viande”, la nouvelle pièce de Michel Melamed tombe à pic en cette période de dépression post – Carnaval. Il prend comme prétexte le carnaval carioca et les codes du défilé d’une école de samba pour dénoncer les problèmes encore présents au Brésil : la violence, les aberrations et la corruption de l’administration publique, les lacunes dans l’éducation etc…

Auteur, poète, comédien, metteur en scène, présentateur à la télévision, les spectacles de Michel Melamed,…


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Dramatic Theater, Post-Dramatic Theater, and Post-Post-Dramatic Theater

Maybe of interest: Critics George Hunka (NYC) and Robin Detje (Berlin) have each written detailed critiques of "Post-Dramatic Theater" and "performance." I wrote a lengthy riposte at Culturebot. It's all too…


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Previz #61 - Like a Prayer

I hurt a friend this week, and have decided to try to make amends to those my big mouth has hurt in the past 3 years by being silent for 2 hours. I think this should be early. Like 6am. When the day is fresh. Dawn. Sunrise. When the day is filled, once more, with possibilities. The Egyptian Sun Goddess, Nut, used to swallow the sun every evening, digest…


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sobre a generosidade e a segurança

hoje andei a remexer em papeladas antigas, anotações e fotos. reparei na quantidade de vezes em que, nos melhores trabalhos em que estive envolvido, se falou da 'generosidade' e também da 'segurança' (além da nossa, aquela que conseguimos inspirar nos outros)! e isto, não só enquanto performer mas enquanto membro de um grupo de criadores. encontrei esta citação do monge Abba Dorotheus num dos meus caóticos moleskines que descreve na perfeição o…


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Fernando Ribeiro's US Performance Art Tour – Schedule

Until now, this is my schedule for US tour:


April 1st to 11th



In Chicago I will have a intense schedule. I will show my performance Effort in…


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Previz #60 - Public Documents

If Jeff Jarvis’ book Public Parts and Mary Kelly’s Postpartum Document collided at a busy Midtown Manhattan intersection, would the resulting mashup be Public Documents?

In this virtual performance I enter an empty gallery, stage, or public space that is bare, save for a…


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Feeding at the Tumblr Trough

CYBERSPACE, 11 March – in a world of 7 billion souls, is it reasonable, is it possible at all, to expect to have “unique” ideas? To be “creative?” When the Art History PhD’s helming MOMA or the Tate or the global culture institution of your choice “reblog” 20th centuriers like Jackson Pollock or 21st centurions like Mike Kelley, the trough they…


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Contemporary Classicism in Theatre Performance

What is the direction of Contemporary Classicism in Theatre performance today.  Is there worldly appreciation of the above subject.

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A minor player in a state of self erasing to overcome character assassinations in the revolting virtual gaming time of nownesss

Lucid Dreams

For lucidity does not overcome it being still a dream

and reality is what one finds after awakening from reverie.

i m listening to the beatles' "white album", i shud sleep. it's stupid but in my mind i m ddv hiding in wait for someone to find me.  or maybe i m just plain silly, trying to be…


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