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What The Roadsters are Harvesting is No Small Potatoes

The Roadsters are an ensemble of theatre practitioners who convene on a regular basis to practice a bigger way of living and to deepen their understanding of humanity. Their current piece WHAT HAPPENED IN OHIO will premiere in May 2011 at the New York Theatre Workshop Fourth Street Theatre. 


WHAT HAPPENED IN OHIO began a year and a half ago with an exploration into the…


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a unique artwork - a single location - every Thursday from March to July 2011 - dozens of artists and performances - live art and body art - pagan processions - bodies in motion - webcams broadcasting live - so many holes in the wall to spy on - in Via della Vetrina 9, Rome


From the desire of Riccardo Natili to create an innovative and…


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TONIGHT Saturday, March 26 8:30-10:30 Art Performances: Alexandra Zierle And Paul Carter [England] + Kristian Al-Drubi [Serbia]



$5.00 suggested

Collaborative performance by Alexandra Zierle and Paul Carter, and an interactive performance by Kristian Al-Drubi.


Zierle and Carter:

Alexandra Zierle and Paul Carters collaborative work is interdisciplinary, multi-sensory and site and context responsive spanning from live art/performance… Continue

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Atta Boy is being remounted - this time at HERE Arts Center in NYC - NEXT WEEK!!

I hope you all can make it!


ATTA BOY @ Here Arts Center (145 6th Avenue, NYC - one block south of Spring Street, entrance on Dominick Street).

About the show

Atta Boy follows Homer, a middle-aged Pakistani-American engineer, and Matthew, a surly teenaged outcast, as they meet for secret rendezvous at a local holiday inn.…


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Bruno Listopad research at ICKamsterdam - Emio Greco | PC


Bruno Listopad talks to ICKamsterdam 



What is the theme/goal of your project and how did it come about?


The objective of this movement research is to…


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Workshop Performance

" Workshop Performance PitouStrash"

Nous avons trois périodes du 11 janvier au 24 Juin 2011

du 11 janvier au 24 février.du 1 mars au 28…


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Regional Editor
Call for Submissions: Between the Seas Festival of Mediterranean Performing arts

Call for Submissions: Between the Seas Festival of Mediterranean Performing Arts

August 29-September 4th 2011

at the Wild Project, NYC


We are looking for:

  • performance projects [theater, dance, music] by Mediterranean and diasporic Mediterranean artists that engage directly or indirectly with Mediterranean identities and histories;
  • adaptations of…

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broken off

kuri was one of the artist last names. there was more than artist as one — as one would assume. 


now somehow i am thinking about two monologues (none specific) two monologues interlocking, yes i know that sounds very much, a dialogue maybe fragment of a dialogue. but somehow in my mind i seperate them, or they are seperated. 


(another mental jump.) i should let the outside walk into this room. into my abode. 

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idea monologue

there was a conceptual art show yesterday at the institute (the institute of contemporary art in boston) yesterday, kuri was the artist last name, and today i am doing laundry down the street in this small little town. sweating a little at the moment. 


"i love concepts" dawn said.



now i wonder how much information is two much information. anywhere on the…


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LPTV- Laboratory of Performance and Theatre of Emptiness

   The LPTV was created in 2010 by alumns and teatchers at the University of Brasília, in Brazil. We work as an University's extension project. Our reasearch is about performance and post-dramatic theatre. We're investigating this new hibrid place where the boards and limits between the arts and the others areas of knownledge, such as psychology, antropology, jornalism, radio, real life.

   To research this kind of subject in Brazil is a bit hard, cause this research in very recent…


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Touch&Play 2011 – Exploring the Human Chemistry in Contact, June 2011, Cardona/Barcelona, Spain

To move within physics is to realize your body. To dance with chemistry is to accept your soul. Combining both could be the most exhilarating thing you have ever done. Touch&Play (2010)

To all you Contacters, Touchers and Players out there,

In this second edition of the T&P Festival and first edition of the T&P experiment we hope to take you on a journey exploring the (al)chemical edges of Contact Improvisation. We ask ourselves what happens when we stop… Continue

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On dance-techTV Choreography or ELSE: FAR... (LOIN...) by Rachid Ouramdane (France)

Include hashtag #dancetechtv in your tweets!


Watch live streaming video from…

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"Contemporary Performance TXTS - gruppo nanou

gruppo nanou: was born in Ravenna on July 2004, as the place of comparison and improvement of skills, research interests and activities of an artists group. The participation at the final night of Premio Scenario (2003) sets the artistic association among the group’s founder elements Marco Valerio Amico, Rhuena Bracci, Roberto Rettura.

gruppo nanou tackles, through the sharing of its features,…


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Contemporary Performance TXTS - Philip Fryer



I am a performance and installation artist currently living and working in Boston Massachusetts (soon to be Portland, Oregon). I work primarily in live performance work and have been moving towards incorporating sound in recent months. My work is focused and meditative and tends to have only a few long actions in each piece. Conceptually, my work deals with…


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Contemporary Performance TXTS - L. Gabrielle Penabaz

L. Gabrielle Penabaz

NYC interdisciplinary artist – writer/filmmaker/performer

I call my latest work “cinematic theatre” because the live action is goaded by the films.  It isn't theatre with added video.  My performative concerns are to touch the audience emotionally or intellectually, often with humor, and underline it with haunting imagery.  Video allows the work to be "bigger" and add actors who couldn't otherwise be at the venue. 

I prepare for the live shows…


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Contemporary Performance TXTS-Martine Viale

I am a Montreal based performance artist. Pursuing a reflection on the sense of time and on presence as a place of commitment, I create mainly durational works, which establish liminal zones between inside and outside, directing attention to the space "in between things". I have been actively presenting my work internationaly in the context of galleries, site-specific works as well as performance art festivals since 2001. …


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Contemporary Performance TXTS - Sophia Ribeiro

Sophia Ribeiro is a Swiss - Portuguese dancer-performer, researcher with Brazillian roots. Graduated in 2007 from Laban, London, with a BA(Hons) Dance Theatre.

In 2009 has worked with Pichet Klunchun and Lisa Nelson during, Island No.8 Muses.Masters.Monsters Festival, Tanzquartier Vienna, directed by Mathilde…


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MALCOLM MANNING: 1. Awareness Perception Presence class & 2. Contact Improvisation workshop, May 16-20, 2011, Schwelle7, Berlin/Germany


 5 day Intensive with Malcolm Manning

morning classes 11am – 1:30pm: Awareness Perception Presence class

afternoon workshop 3 – 6 pm: Contact Improvisation workshop

WHEN: Monday – Friday, May 16-20, 2011

WHERE: Schwelle 7, Berlin, Germany





Morning Class series - open for all levels - (11:00am - 1:30pm)

(You can attend only the morning classes, without…


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Contemporary Performance TXTS –Tiger and Bear

Write a very brief introduction to you and your work (i.e. where are you from, what kind of media do you work in, what are some of your performative concerns)

British artists James Topple (AKA Tiger) and Colin Riddle (Bear) have been living and working in South Korea since 2008.

Their collaborations began in 2005 with a project centering on a conceptual art character by the Name of Das…


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Contemporary Performance TXTS - Sven Goyvaerts

1) "... where are you from, what kind of media do you work in, what are some of your performative concerns ..."


Sven Goyvaerts (°1984, Antwerp) graduated as a documentary filmmaker and has written a paper on how to document a piece of live performance art, focusing on the work of the artist Marina Abramović. His final documentary project about her work evolved into an installation,…


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