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Where is Public Space?

From CAA Panels in Los Angeles on Saturday:


Maureen Connor and Ed Woodham

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This piece sees the body isolated in space. All white. White ribbons suspend from the ceiling and embed in the skin. As the body undergoes an exploration of constraint, restriction, obstacle and pain, a projection of the act of piercing the skin and threading the ribbons covers the body and the rear wall.

As the body experiences trauma and restriction, it seeks to disregard its bonds. Some will scar and wound deeply, some will prove inconsequential.

Stimulus &…


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Monica Emilie Herstad quote in the theater blog Frontlosjen recently


"Eg avsluttar med eitt par kloke ord av danser og regissør Monica Emilie Herstad:

«At ein legg ned teatervitenskap betyr å gi frå seg diskursmakta. Det er ikkje ein kulturby verdig!»

The theater blog Frontlosjen´ Ingrid Faanes on Tenk Teater Seminar v/ BBT…


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Duel•Ality 2.0

Another Language Performing Arts Company invites you to Duel•Ality 2.0, an upcoming telematic cinema project created and performed by Company Directors Elizabeth and Jimmy Miklavcic. This original work explores the concepts of relationships and personal duality.

Duel•Ality 2.0 examines the many sides of the two characters Duel (Jimmy Miklavcic), and Ality (Elizabeth Miklavcic). This telematic work focuses on two people and the way this duo encounters and…


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We are not changing over time, but what we are doing with time

AURA dance theatre led by choreographer Birute Letukaitės went to long way until became the Kaunas dance theater. AURA is like an icebreaker which leads to more modern and contemporary dance in Lithuania.

This year Aura dance theatre counts 30-years of existence, which has done a lot: has built 186 dance performances, has visited more than 27 countries, it has participated in nearly 190 festivals and has cooperated with the foreign choreographers and dancers. The creative activities…


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Performing of good moral character at Public Energy, Peterborough, ON

Public Energy presents new dance from Montreal Lara Kramer’s of good moral character Friday, February 17 at 8pm at the Market Hall, Peterborough



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Interview on Graham technique with Peter Sparling & Maggie Boogaart

Great video with interviews with Peter Sparling* & Maggie Boogaart at the CODA Oslo International Dance Festival this October > Peter was teaching a one week Martha Graham Master Class with me as his assistant - opening doors for dancers in Norway!

VIDEO interview with Martha…

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Artist Wanted: A Year In Review


Please check my latest work on "Artist Wanted: A Year In Review"


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NEW WEB SITE www.actfestival.com


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Accidental Festival, in role Weeks 10 and 11

Well, it feels like the week is coming to a close already, but we still have the programme to finalize, the Shift to happen, and the shmoozing with White Light, and that's just in the next 24 hours!

Space Producers are having a hard time whittling down the applicants. Wish we could have you all. 

There's work to be done, production meetings to organise, applications to read, and I REALLY need to do laundry.


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Call for artists 2012

The ARTErra is a rural art residency structure that  support and encourage artistic creation and production.

Housed in a remarkably small rural village, you will find in ARTErra physical spaces and tools for the reception of the project / proposal of the artist or collective of different artistic disciplines.

In addition to a house with several recreational areas and…


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Crossing Over

Jeremiah Barber


January 28, 2012


Last weekend I made a performance as part of a very unique opportunity presented by Amir Mortazavi of Highlight Galleryand David Kasprzak. Over the course of…


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My Page on FB:

Follow me on FB:


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Preparation performance 2-29-2012 Dordrecht

Busy with preparation for a performance In Dordrecht. Two women, Janna Kool and Vera Harmsen having u duo exposition in two different galleries in Dordrecht. These two exposition are related by the theme time/dates/calenders. I am doing a performance between those two galleries. See the pictures: 'kostuumontwerp datum performance.…


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Featured: Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio - Tragedia Endogonidia

The working cycle includes a first base in Cesena, with the auto-generation of a chain of images (tragedia endo-gonidia) from which a series of spores will depart in order to be collected by other “bases”.

These spores in their turn will give rise to individual tragic units. These units (which will be identified with the name of the city hosting them: Roma 09, Madrid 12) will have an impact on the following “base”.

This will not be a process of accumulation, but rather of…


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Featured: Volksbühne and Frank Castorf (Berlin, Germany)


A Theatre of the People

The Volksbühne in the centre of Berlin is one of the leading and most innovative theatres of both Berlin and Germany. It was established in 1914 as a result of a grassroots people’s movement. Erwin Piscator, in the 1920s, and Benno Besson, in the 1970s, had a huge influence on the theatre. After the fall of…


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