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theatre arts, performance, video, site-specific, immersive
We are bambule.babys, a Bavarian-German performance group we founded our-selves in 2013. Since then we have collaborated with several artists on our projects. We create theatrical performances, immersive theatre works and site-specific pro-jects that deal with our feelings of alienation in a corrupt and shattered world.

We work in the Bavarian city Regensburg because it is a safe haven, in order to be undisturbed. Our aim is to develop our own artistic language and aesthetic, a lan-guage which makes the unseen visible.

The tranquil Bavarian landscape obscures the ever present abyss. We want to delve deep into the abyss of the psyche, especially the German psyche. Exploring the myths, codes and phenomena that define our identity, we grapple with the fate of Oedipus' children in 'MUTANTENGESCHLECHT/ House of Mutants' (2014) as well as the fate of the lower middle class family.

Working on the edge of the conservative Bavarian 'hinterland' is an act of resistance.
Bavarians are known for being a little strange. bambule.babys take it one step fur-ther: our voice is the voice of the outcasts, of the people on the margins of society, of the scapegoats.

We see ourselves as a breeding place for a theatre of the 'other', confronting our audience with trauma, violence, hidden fears, forbidden desires, vulnerability, the foreign, the unconscious, the ambiguous, the in-between.

bambule.babys' agora is inhabited by seers, kings, mutants, prostitutes, people with broken identities, trespassers, roamers, finding themselves surrounded by nature growing rampant. They move about in inner landscapes, echoing with sounds of anx-iety, cassette recorders, taped voices, images of beauty, ritual water, lost beliefs, popcorn, Barbie dolls, TVs and stuffed birds.

Like Hannah Arendt we believe that every human being is born to initiate something, to bring something new into the world, to illuminate the in-between. By going through the darkness, we want to reach light.

In intensive performances we immerse the audience in claustrophobic atmospheres, transcending the borders between the player and the audience's normal life. We of-fer the audience an experience of vulnerable openness and extreme realness, giving them an opportunity to confront themselves with the fundamental questions of hu-man existence in the tradition of Greek catharsis.

The theatre of the 'other' is a home for outcasts, where a longing for a better state is evoked, a utopia.
Our mission may start in Regensburg, Bavaria but extends to New York.

"bambule.babys are something rare and special" (Helmut Hein, critic, 2014)

"bambule.babys work apart from the mainstream... Not interested in profane ap-plause, they explore the abyss of human existence. Their aim is to give an aesthetic form to the elemental constants of human life: longing, desire, loneliness, grief, pain, anxiety, rage, hate - and love." (Joseph Berlinger, acclaimed writer & director based in Regensburg, Bavaria, 2014)

"Anna Valeska Pohl has developed a tragic language but with an ease" (Michael Milligan, ac-tor, writer & solo performer, Anna Pohl's solo performance teacher at Stella Adler Studio, 2015)

"Anna Valeska Pohl, the creative mind behind bambule.babys, is a daring explorer determined to experiment, in order to find her own forms of language beyond language" (Sabine Schneider, art critic, 2016)

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