Producer's Cloud

Join the members below in harnessing the collective powers of online platforms and crowd sourcing to support and build the network. By making a donation of $20 US dollars or more, you will be supporting your network exponentially. Some of the benefits of joining the Producers' Cloud are an invitation to the Producer's Cloud private working group where we discuss and make plans for the growth and services of the network and a listing/link to your profile or website on all pages in the right column under Producers' Cloud. Producing with the cloud is easy and gives you a say in the development of Contemporary Performance Network.


Producer's Cloud Members:

Christen Clifford

Jackson Heights, NY, United States

Melanie Boisvert

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Punctum Inc

Central Victoria, Australia

Bernard Roddy

Oklahoma City, OK, United States


Los Angeles, CA, United States

William Skaleski

Brookfield, WI, United States

henning hegland

New York, NY, United States


Los Angeles, CA, United States

Treiops Treyfid

Los Angeles, CA, United States

Julie Tolentino

Joshua Tree, CA, United States

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