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Comment by Butoh on May 14, 2016 at 4:29pm

Dancing with Ghosts | Butoh Workshop with Vangeline and Yael Gaathon

18 - 19 June 2016, Berlin, Germany

Vangeline, founder of New York Butoh Institute, and Yael Gaathon, artistic director of the Butoh company Blue Cliff, give an intensive Butoh workshop and performance program “Dancing with Ghosts”
The workshop is open to all interested in exploration and movement, no prior experience in Butoh or dance is needed. 

Dancing with ghosts, playing with demons, singing with angels. Through a deep connection to ourselves we enter into a different realm, a world between worlds where the air changes and time disappears. We set off on a journey to find our own dance - our own ghosts, our own demons, our own angels. 

More info on event page

YAEL GAATHON, based in Aarhus Denmark, is the artistic director of the Butoh company Blue Cliff. She has been working with Butoh for over 20 years choreographing, performing and teaching. She views Butoh as an extreme form of sincerity, both in presence and in creation. It is the soul that dances, revealing itself and sharing intimacy and darkness, joy and weakness. 
Her style of butoh is also strongly influenced by Zen, which she has been practicing since 1997. Today Yael Gaathon choreographs, directs, performs and teaches Butoh and theater, working among others with National Theater School (DK) and the Danish Actors Association.

VANGELINE is an award-winning Butoh dancer, and choreographer. She is the Founder and Artistic Director of The VangelineTheater Inc, and the New York Butoh Institute. Vangeline Theater is an all-female dance company that is committed to moving butoh forward in the 21st century. Vangeline's work has been heralded in publications such as the New York Times (“captivating”), Los AngelesTimes, (“moves with the clockwork deliberation of a practiced Japanese Butoh artist”) and LA Weekly to name a few. Time OUT Chicago named Vangeline's, "one of the best Dance Visits of 2011." 
Vangeline is the founder of the 9-year running, award-winning program “Dream a Dream Project", which brings Butoh dance to incarcerated men and women at prisons across New York City. 

In her workshops Vangeline provides an opportunity to explore and move deeply into an embodied process, awakening lost parts of the human being, exploring all human qualities to transform our dance, our daily life and offer creative energy to the community.
Participants start a spiritual and energetic journey to express, heal and transform hidden aspects of themselves. The work incorporates Butoh, guided imagery, bio-energetics, core energetics, creative movement, improvisation, release techniques, elements of Noguchi gymnastics.

Comment by Butoh on May 14, 2016 at 4:21pm


Summer Workshop and Performance Presentation in Monkton Wyld Court (Dorset, UK), an idyllic location for researches, retreats and any art of creations. 
Time: August 9-14, 2016 (6 days Workshop, 6 hours per day)
Contact: Alan Frank,
*release exercises, inspired by Noguchi Taiso (Gymnastics), Taichi and Hatha Yoga
*breathing exercises 
*dynamic training for the flow of energy
*Butoh-related work to activate our universal memories
*structured improvisation, free association

One step to metamorphosis... 
Let's enjoy chaos!

Yumiko Yoshioka, dancer, choreographer, founder of an art-formation group "TEN PEN CHii art labor", art director of the Butoh Festival"!".
She was a member of the first Japanese women's Butoh dance theater, ARIADONE. 

Please note, that we don't have any relation to www,download-films,de and Media International GmbH. If you download this or any other films, we do not overtake any responsibility!
Monkton Wyld Court,  education centre for sustainable living, is a large country house and grounds in an idyllic location in Dorset. 

Comment by Nicolina Stylianou on May 5, 2016 at 12:54pm

"The Marathon"
Cyprus Performance Art Workshop 2016

hosted by Sensorium Space

with Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith, Zierle & Carter, PASHIAS and Francesco Kiàis


10th - 18th September 2016 / Nicosia, Cyprus

This year "The Marathon" Performance Art Workshop will be visiting Cyprus, following its course from last year’s versions in Berlin hosted by Cell63 Artplatform and in Athens hosted by epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation. In Nicosia, the workshop and public events will be hosted by Sensorium Space, consisting of an introductory day, six consecutive workshop days from the 11th until the 16th of September, a final presentation of live performances by the participants and a feedback session on the following day. "The Marathon" will be guided by international artists Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith, Zierle & Carter, PASHIAS and Francesco Kiàis, in gallery spaces and in the public arena at the heart of Nicosia.


Schedule Outline:
09/09 : PLUS-MOTION - Live performance art series featuring workshop facilitators
10/09 : Arrivals / First Meeting (Participants should arrive in Nicosia no later than 17:00)
11/09 : Sculpting Action - By Zierle & Carter 
12/09 : Along the edge, across the borders - By Francesco Kiàis
13/09 : The Performative Walkabout - By Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith
14/09 : Training for performance - By PASHIAS
15/09 : Reflection 
16/09 : Planning final event / Individual tutorials 
17/09 : Live performances presented by workshop participants
18/09 : Reflection / Feedback

For a detailed schedule:

For information on pricing and how to apply:

Links to previous editions:
Berlin -
Athens - /

Supported by: epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation

Comment by Butoh on April 5, 2016 at 5:03pm

Spring training series with VALENTIN TSZIN

Photo by Alex Apt

For all interested in the body as a tool of art. Minimum physical preparation is needed. Theater/dance background not mandatory.

The winter-autumn training series in 2016 are aimed at a creation of an artist group for future research, actions and productions. .

23 - 24 April, 10.00 - 16.00
1 day /6 h/: 48 Euro
2 days /12 h/: 85 Euro
Studio 142, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Mariannenplatz 2,
10997 Berlin
17 - 20 May
17 & 18 May, 18.00 - 22.00
19 & 20 May, 10.00 - 14.00
Single class /4h/: 32 Euro
4-classes set /16 h/: 115 Euro
ACUDtheater, Veteranenstraße 21, 10119 Berlin

SPECIAL DISCOUNT: 10% discount for the participants of the winter 2016 training series with Valentin Tszin;
10% discount on May training for those who take both trainings.

Maximum number of participants: 15
Registration: organiserberlin(at)
Method of Valentin Tszin is based on 4 components:

1. Work with the physical body.

Warm-up exercises (joints, muscles, skeleton); exercises to strengthen the body centre, feeling of the periphery and their interactions; strengthening and relaxation, balance.
Techniques: combination of butoh, taekwondo and rhythmics.

2. Work with the conscious body.

Exercises of refusal of actions. Research of body polyphony: numerous variants of behaviour in the same situation. Sensation of individual patterns. Biomechanics. Metronome.
Based on drama and acting theatre techniques and Meyerhold’s biomechanics.

3. Work with the bodies in a group.

Improvisation on a given topic. Research of boundaries of oneself and the other. Construction and deconstruction of hierarchy of bodies in space. Modelling simple and complex schemes “presence – perception”.
We will use the theory of contemporary philosophers and sociologists.

4. Work with composition and dramaturgy.

Theory about existing strategies of creation of a public action (performance). Depending on the course, we will develop solo and/or group actions.
Basic keys: Stanislavsky, Meyerhold, Artaud, Hijikata, Brecht

VALENTIN TSZIN, a Russian choreographer, dancer and actor. Founder of PoemaTheatre (St. Petersburg / Moscow) and Butoh Village (Moscow) and co-founder of Butoh Channel Berlin. Valentin has presented his works nationally and internationally in the Ukraine, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, Colombia, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, France, Scotland, Poland, Taiwan, Thailand and Greece. He has produced and participated in numerous performance and collaborative projects,.. read more

Comment by Jan on March 24, 2016 at 1:03pm

KATIE DUCK: IMPROVISATION - Workshop in Performance Research and improvisational compositions - June 3-5, 2016 in Berlin

REGISTRATION: For registration details and workshop questions please contact me by e-mail at



Comment by Art Aia -Creatives\in\Residence on March 24, 2016 at 8:26am

Scroll down for more information


Organic Creative Process for Actors. August 29 - September 2. 2016.

What makes an artist? What makes him or her creative, going beyond technique? The answer is profoundly simple, the ability to be inspired, able to live spontaneously in the context of the character and the play(....).Real thoughts are simple, personal, profound, they come from what you sense and feel. They are more spontaneous. They are not correct, or intellectualized, and mechanical. Recognizing the difference, you think like a human being, putting yourself into the character's shoes.

John Strasberg

Organic Creative Process for Actors. (August 29 - September 2)

The workshop is based on developing each actor's Organic Creative Process, a deeply personal creative process based on developing a consciously, intuitive process that helps the actor to become deeply involved in the character's world, transforming him or herself.
Good actors live in another world. Great actors live in another world as somebody else.
Actors will learn Involvement, dreaming, imagining, flashes of insight, understanding, and learning how to read and understand the script, which is what is important.
Technique is not a mechanical, linear process. Class feels like a rehearsal, more than a class. The Actors' Studio was unique in the world, and my work continues to embody that love, passion, discipline, and dedication.

John Strasberg


-Participant for the Organic Creative Process for Actors workshop
600 euro (including VAT 19%)
(limited number up to 26 actors )

-Auditor for the Organic Creative Process for Actors workshop
300 euro (including VAT 19%)
(limited number up to 25 auditors)


Classes will be every day from 10 am to 3 pm - Monday through Friday .
Please send cv and headshot to before June 1st, 2016 . The admitted participants wil be notified via email by June 7th, 2016.


For further information contact :
Giovanni Morassutti (0049) 15218465093


Comment by Elinor Randle on March 21, 2016 at 9:03am

PHYSICAL FEST – International Festival of Physical Theatre – Workshop programme now onsale! 20th – 28th May 2016

Physical Fest 2016 presents an exciting and diverse workshop programme including: Spymonkey-Clown (UK), Deborah Black/Mary Pearson-Viewpoints (USA), Theatre Re (International Ensemble), Izumi Ashizawa-Japanese Performance (USA/Japan), Hilary Chaplain-Physical Comedy (USA).

Special offer: all workshops, including classes and conference pass: £325!

The festival also has an exciting performance programme including symposiums, and street theatre.

For full programme click on link below

Physical Fest

Comment by Butoh on February 25, 2016 at 5:45am

1month Intensive Butoh Workshop & Performance creation “Everything and Nothing - metamorphosing body-mind” by Motimaru

The workshop is addressed to professional performers and artists from any discipline as well as non professionals, whoever is interested in the fundamental approach to body-mind-space that lies behind any kind of creations to strengthen the stage presence, experience the depth of our own body-mind, and to learn how to build up a piece.

Basic structure
First two weeks: basic trainings
Last two weeks: choreographic work and creation of solo/group performances.
The final performance will be presented in Theaterhaus Berlin Mitte on 29th July as part of dance festival “Behind the Movement”.

Dates: 1st -29th July 2016, 13:00 – 19:00 (No practice on Sunday)
Venue: Motimaru Dance Atelier (Dunckerstrasse, 10437 Berlin)
Price: 980 euro / 850 euro if applied before 31st May.
The amount of participants is limited to 9.
Reservation & Info:

① Whitening (Returning to a neutral body-mind)
- YOGA Asana
- Body-scanning
- Joint[ing]
- Space-expansion
② Basic movements (Discovering the maximum intensity of small simple movements)
- Standing
- Walking
- Twisting
- Standing and sinking
- Falling and re-standing
- Creation of body parts (hands, eyes, back, arms, legs)
③ Metamorphose (Discovering the unlimited diversity of different qualities of the body-mind-space)
③-1 Physical Level
- Different textures of body
③-2 Meta-physical Level
- Embodying visual images (paintings, video arts, natural elements)
- Embodying sounds
④ Creating a performance (Discovering how to transform personal journey into universal poem on the
- Duo-group play
- Inner process of building solo/group performances
- Relationship with music, objects, and costumes
- Coming into the space, disappearing from the space
- Composition and structured improvisation

About Motimaru:
Motimaru is a dance company founded in Tokyo by Motoya Kondo and Tiziana Longo, based in Berlin since 2010. After they trained for 5 years at the Kazuo Ohno Dance Studio, studying and working as dancers and stage assistants of Yoshito Ohno – a son of Kazuo Ohno (founder of Butoh), they left Japan and have started fieldwork research about traditional and ritual dances in Japan, India, Bali, and Tibetan area in Nepal.
They performed in the finale of the Marathon of the Unexpected at Venezia Biennale 2010, the final of the 9th International Choreography Competition “No Ballet” 2014, and have been performing and teaching in Europe, Asia, Australia in over 30 cities.Find more on or Facebook

Comment by Julie Becker on February 14, 2016 at 5:13pm

Researching Ensemble: Improvisation Via Song

a physical theatre laboratory series led by Julie Becker

The Dance Complex, Cambridge, MA

Sundays March 6, 13, 20 3:30-5:30pm

Tuesdays March 8, 15, 22 8-10pm

Sliding scale $10-$20 per session.

This lab will be 6 sessions focusing on integrating group singing and physical improvisation. How can we allow group actions to rise from the song itself, rather than impose upon the song or view voice and action as separate "layers" to add or subtract? Working with traditional polyphonic songs, our aim will be to find how we channel them through our voices, our bodies, the body of the ensemble, our listening, our actions, connections, relations, rhythms; making their hidden worlds visible.

Please RSVP/send questions to

Comment by Jan on January 24, 2016 at 1:42pm

Intensive Workshop in Contact Improvisation with MARTIN KEOGH
May, 20-22, 2016 @ Tanzfabrik Berlin

COST: Early bird 180€, thereafter 200€
REGISTRATION: For registration details and workshop questions please contact me by e-mail at


– Deepen your investigation and understanding of Contact Improvisation –

In this three-day workshop we will cultivate our individual Contact Body. You are invited to enter leisurely somatic research, dancing and discovery. With hands on work, games, the skills and thrills of the form, and the unique physicality of The Contact Body we will savor and rock the boundaries between states of allowing and mindful intention. We will focus on the pelvic bowl to become more intimately rooted in our dance and being.

What does the Contact Body look and feel like?
Some Qualities:
* Pliant strength
* Supple and resilient
* Organized and released
* Limbs that move autonomously from one another
* Ability to see and move into the backspace
* A visceral understanding of the spiral
* Breath that is felt from the ground to the marrow
* An enhanced capacity for sensation and pleasure
* ... (your unique qualities ...)

Contact Improvisation requires a courageous willingness – but never so much as when we dance in the absence of will – those moments when we drop the reigns and, nowhere bound, allow our animal to carry us.

We will explore:
* Moving from a base of sensation
* Dancing with a shared central axis
* Seeking ease in going off balance
* Finding the spontaneous acrobatics of the form
* Spending more time in nuance, disorientation, and extended follow-through
* A greater capacity for sensation, risk, and pleasure

“My greatest sense of accomplishment comes from seeing students increase their capacity for sensation and risk—seeing them dance less with their “ideal” and more with their partner—and the profound gratification of introducing contact improvisation to those who then realize they have found the dance form they were seeking all their lives. I attempt to teach and model that the beauty and reach of our questions, in the end, determine the beauty and reach of our lives.”



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