What Applications do you use to make and deliver video to the stage?

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Thanks Sebastian, I'll add the link
some friends of mine are part of an art collective called Minneapolis Art on Wheels (MAW--http://minneapolisartonwheels.org/). they developed a program using MAX/MSP called LiveDraw. I used it for my 2 channel video in my last show. It's fantastic, because you can manipulate placement and videos within the larger frame (or frames) of the projection live. I'm not sure if there's a stable version available somewhere on their website or not, but there's definitely an "unstable" version under the Software heading.
You can use the Free iphone app Mrmr OSC controller in order to remotely operate vdmx.

sebastian bülow said:
I've been using primarily Isadora and Max/Jitter for projection design.

For performance my primary tool is the open source GLMixer for live digital visuals.
I also use Cellular Automata a legacy chaos video application designed by the mathematician

Rudy Rucker.

Otherwise I used analogue projectors, 35mm & Medium (120) format diapositive/slides.

For pre-production I used mostly Linux/Ubuntu tools, with custom code written to drive gimp filters, and other lower level programming/scripting methods.


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