What have you seen lately? Its a question we are asked often by fellow artists and curators wanting to get a pulse on the moment.... So, CPN asks, what have you seen lately?  Include a link to the artist/company, venue, or festival if you know it.

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Meg Stuart's "Do Animals Cry"

Last year we say Meg Stuarts new company piece called "Do Animals Cry" at Théâtre de la Ville. It was fantastic. Here is Meg's Site Damaged goods

and a video on Youtube.
I just saw "The Adventures of Alvin Sputnik: Deep Sea Explorer" at ps122. It was beautifully done, really.
I wished a little bit for more story, but that's maybe just me. Very charming, funny and making you dream.
The Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GK2QQxmE9jw&feature=player_embedded

I also watched "Musashi" at the Lincoln Center Festival and it was epic, while full of comedy (including a Learning Martial Arts Tango, and a hilarious performance of the story of an octopus), and I believe, made everybody in the audience want to be a samurai.
I only have the link from Lincoln Center http://new.lincolncenter.org/live/index.php/lcf-2010-musashi. In case it stops working one day: Playwright: Hisashi Inoue, Director: Yukio Ninagawa
"ich will auch ein ehrengrab"
bustour des theater am bahnhof graz

schön so durch graz zu rasen

I had the chance ti see Rasas Danst Rosas last night. The piece was made in 1983 and someone mentioned that is has been touring with small pauses since then. Really a radical work for the time and still standing up to this day. Has anyone else seen this?

Project 35 from Independent Curators International... SEE IT!
Also, "Uncanny" featuring artists: Lasse Antonsen, Jennifer Raimondi, Susannah Strong, and Cal Lane- on exhibit at The Rebecca Randall Bryan Art Gallery at CCU in Conway, S.C.


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