I was inspired by a friend of mine over on Facebook that made a note listing her top 13 favorite live performance that she will always remember. I replied to her and had such a good time meditating on my list that I thought we could do it here also.


List the top 13 live performance that have influenced you. Mine are all contemporary performance makers but you can list bands, public speakers, plays, dances, religious services... anything live.


I'm looking forward to discovering your top 13!


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Hard work! But fun. (It is revealing about how much this list can tell us about us)

1. Emio Greco PC - Extra Dry

2. Emio Greco PC - Hell

3. Lucinda Childs - Dance

4. Anne Therese de Keersmaeker - Rosas danst Rosas

5. Ivo Dimchev - We.dog.art.come

6. Cinzia Delorenzi - Io Sono Qui

7. Merce Cunningham Dance Company - Reggio Emilia 2006

8. Voetwolk vzw - Birth of prey

9. Arco Renz/Kobalt works - (solo) Seoul 2009

10. William Forsythe - Limb's Theorem 

11. Sasha Waltz - Körper

12. Sasha Waltz - Medea

13. Luciana Melis - Looking for the Waste Land

1. Six Characters in Search of an Author

2. Alice in Wonderland Andre Gregory

3. All Night Souls Performances in the 70's

4. John Cage at MOMA, Prepared Piano, 70's

5. "Three by Beckett" Theatre Row 1977

6. Andy Warhol's Last Love Squat Theatre

7. Pig Child Fire Squat Theatre

8. 1980 Pina Bausch

9. Rites of Spring Pina Bausch

10. Seven Deadly Sins Pina Bausch

11. Handke's Kaspar 1983

12. Everyday Newt Berman Ridge Theatre

13 Garage Ivica Buljan

Not necessarily a list of pieces that have influenced me, but a group of works which have moved me in one way or another--enough to remember off the top of my head. In no particular order:

1. Jan Fabre, "The Power of Theatrical Madness" (remount, 2012)

2. Gisele Vienne/Dennis Cooper, "Jerk" 2010

3. Barrie Kosky, "The Castle / Bluebeard's Castle", 2005

4. Frank Castorf, "The Obscene Work/Caligula/Story of the Eye", 2000

5. Robert Wilson, "Alice", 1995

6. Robert Wilson / Philip Glass, "Einstein on the Beach", 2012
7. Romeo Castellucci, "Parsifal", 2011

8. Trajal Harrel, "(M)IMOSA - Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at The Judson Church (M)", 2011

9. Jerome Bel, "Xavier Leroy" 2000

10. Novillados bullfight, September 2010, Madrid, with Marina Abramovic

11. Ron Athey, "Incorruptible Flesh: Dissociative Sparkle", 2006

12. Stefan Bachmann, "Der Seidene Schuh", 2003

13. sunset over Amsterdam, viewed from sea-level after eating 30 grams of psilocybe pajaritos. All the way live...

Bonus: Psychic TV and Pillars of Fire live at Point Ephemere after 8-hour flight, no sleep and major jet-lag, 2010

The top ten of live performance that have influenced me:

1. Tadeuz Kantor "Today is my birthday"

2. Castellucci "Tragedia Endogenia"

3. The Wooster Group "The hairy Ape"

4. Theater Zonder Toegevoegd Zout (Eddy Vereycken)

5. Blauwe Maandag Company "Losing Time"

6. The Needcompany "Macbeth" (directed by Jan Lauwers)

7. Jan Fabre

8. Les Ballets C de la B (Alain Platel)

9. Peter Brook

10. Monty Python

These are the hinges……for some reason or another seeing each of these shows changed how a think about what I make.   Roughly in chronological order.


Neofuturists (chicago company 1992-1994)

Ideas of Good and Evil

Erik Ehn

Listen to Me

Michael Counts

Bad Behavior

Richard Foreman / Sohpie Haviland



Or the Whale

Juli Crockett


Robert Woodruff


The Wooster Group

4:30 am and wide awake



Thomas Ostermeier

Chang in the Void Moon

John Jesurun

Super Night Shot

Gob Squad

All the Hours in the Day

Mike Daisey


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