Open Call for performer (London) - I am NOT tino sehgal, but I have him

GENERAL INFO The artist Damiano Fina invites 6 performers to join his performance I am NOT tino sehgal, but I have him, a concept by Francesco Bonami. The artist will perform at Nahmad Projects Gallery on Saturday 9th July 2016 (12:00-18:00). Damiano Fina will conduct a workshop during the morning (9:00-11:00) in order to create a link between participants. The artist will provide a notebook and a pen to each performer, who will sign his notebook as “Tino Sehgal” for one hour. Performers will be scheduled every hour for six hours (12:00-18:00). Each participant will perform for one hour.

REQUIREMENTS Punctuality, dedication and reliability. Each performer agrees to take an active part in the performance. He/She will perform for the entire duration of the assigned hour and the workshop. He/She will not interrupt the performance with delay or early departure. No artistic background is required.

CONCEPT You are but you do not have yourself. I have thee. In my eyes, in my opinion, under my touch, in my expectation. We are made of interstices between us. I am not Tino Sehgal, neither you. But we have him. In our markers, signing the floor with his name. This action is not about signature. Who cares who the author is? It is all about identity possession and negotiation of connections. The archaic value of gossip.

FACILITIES Workshop with the artist. £ 30,00 for one hour of performance.

CALL DEADLINE 30th June 2016.

APPLICATION You can download the application form HERE.

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