Laura Cooper, In Pursuit; Female Performers Needed

(with interest in experimental performance, art interventions and vocal work) 

Franklin Furnace visual artist Laura Cooper seeks female performers for her new work A HUNT NY – IN Pursuit . The performance is a live and mediated intervention happening in SOHO NYC. In Pursuit is a reinterpretation of her 2011 performance called A HUNT that happened in Soho London UK ( ) 
The new performance is an exciting reworking for the specific location of SOHO NY, and its resonance will depend on its performers and a dynamic that is built and unleashed collaboratively. 
Ideally performers must be. 
1. Female, or identify themselves as female. 
2. Confident using their voice in experimental ways. 
3. Confident performing experimentally and in public space. 
4. Can work collaboratively and react and respond instinctively to their environment. 
5. Performers who own Dogs that could be part of the performance. 
6. Be physically able to walk and be fairly active for the hour duration of the work. 

In pursuit is a chase of sorts involving Cars, Female Performers and a dog. Who will take part in an endless aimless pursuit of an object of desire that remains anonymous, absent and out of reach. 
The site-specific event will happen at night from 11pm-12pm on the weekend of the 3rd / 4th of August. 
Participants and performance will be required to commit to these performance dates and three rehearsal sessions in happening July/August. 

This is an exciting project that will be creative innovative and collaborative in nature, participants will have their performance well documented and the chance to work in an experimental way with a visual artist. There will be a small fee for performers that will cover expenses. Also the work will be well documented (performers provided with copies) as well as exhibited in NY and London. 
Please contact Laura via email - write a bit about yourself and send some links to past performance work. 

Audition Dates 12th Friday/ 13th Saturday/14th Sunday 
Please email a bit about your self and some links and we can then schedule a audition. The audition will be informal and more of a meeting, it depending on when schedule maybe it will be in small groups. 
We will talk through the project and try some vocal experiments and find out about your current projects and past experiences.

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