Hi all,

I'm moving to Toronto and am digging for info on the contemporary performance scene there.  If anyone knows of people, venues, festivals, holes-in-the-wall that could give me some insight into how to jump in over there, I'd be surely grateful!

Thanks so much,


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Hi Ara,

I live in Montreal now but was in Toronto for 15 years, mostly in performance.  One place that is supportive and has some open calls is Hub 14, a small but well located studio space.  There is an upcoming deadline for the Rhubarb! festival at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre (Deadline: September 13th 2013) that happens in February 2014.  The World Stage festival sometimes takes on young artists to help promote their season in return for tickets, a good group to get involved in.  Also Canadian Stage is actually getting more and more interesting and they used to have a young artists group that meet to discuss work and such.

Here are some links;

Small Wooden Shoe - a company I've worked with a lot and do a lot of events - http://smallwoodenshoe.org/

FADO - the performance art hosting company - http://www.performanceart.ca/

World Stage - Great festival that may still have that ambassadors group - http://www.harbourfrontcentre.com/worldstage/

Praxis theatre blog - a fantastic blog and company that have a lot of performance material - http://praxistheatre.com/

Hope that helps, will try and remember more places and good people.

Chad Dembski

Thank you so much!! I will definitely look into these. I really appreciate it Chad!


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